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    Re: Irish Eyes Are Smiling

    Did you catch last years documentary film ĎCrock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowaní? Very interesting and highly recommended if not Bluegreen.
  2. Re: How The Messiah Is Calling Muslims And Other Non-Believers For Eternal Life

    Jero174 the above links donít appear to work, at least not for me.
  3. Re: Chaos in the Suez Canal (Ever Given container ship, March 2021)

    The sheer scale of this vessel is something to behold! Look at the size of that digger in comparison to the man standing next to it. It's almost as big as a house, and yet it looks like a toy Tonka...
  4. Thread: Heirlooms

    by Mare

    Re: Heirlooms

    Donít make the rifle look brand new. Clean it sympathetically by all means, but that patina has taken over a century to look that way, and any inherent value would be lost. It speaks history, please...
  5. Re: If this is real, it's massive (confirmed to be Venus)

    Thatís fascinating Mad Scientist thank you!
  6. Re: If this is real, it's massive (confirmed to be Venus)

    No, itís a Starfire Tor quote actually, I just canít work out how to do quote boxes and get frustrated. Iím assuming that she is referring to the boomerang shape as being light, and something is...
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    Re: Sounds of terrible things to come

    Itís nothing new in warfare I think. As another example, Nazi Stuka dive bombers during ww2 were fitted with whistles designed to terrify the enemy. The technique was to dive vertically downwards...
  8. Re: If this is real, it's massive (confirmed to be Venus)

    This thread shouldnít run out of steam just because the anomaly has now been confirmed as Venus. Starfire Tor describes the boomerang of light as the real mystery here.

    ĎSo, do you see it? The...
  9. Re: If this is real, it's massive (confirmed to be Venus)

    In response to Hermoorís post above:
    In recent weeks Oracle Girl has been suggesting the possibility of an upcoming war. She says she patterns in things, and for a while it seemed to her that the...
  10. Re: If this is real, it's massive (confirmed to be Venus)

    It seems itís been getting bigger for a couple of weeks, so what are the Ďexpertsí saying it is?
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    Re: What to do if you have had the experimental jab.

    Good advice Bill thank you. Iíll keep you posted!
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    Re: What to do if you have had the experimental jab.

    Iíve just received a voice message from a lady at the vaccine centre asking me to book my appointment. In the initial text I was sent a link to a booking form (which I ignored) but there is another...
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    Re: Possible UK MALE Curfew after 18.00 hours ??

    I do believe the original comment from the Baroness was a backlash against the Met suggesting there should be a 6pm curfew for women? Iíll have to dig that out and get back to you.
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill. ♡

    Happy birthday Bill! ✨🎁✨
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    Re: Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum

    Interesting! Never heard of him before thank you!
  16. Re: Weird, wild weather: floods, freak storms, giant hail, record lows, all over the world

    I was startled to read of Somaliaís state of emergency due to an invasion of lobsters, but Iím now certain that itís a typo! Itís an invasion of locusts.
  17. Thread: What scares you ?

    by Mare

    Re: What scares you ?

  18. Re: This ridiculous forum thread instantly turned me vegan

    Well said Constance, I couldn't have put it better myself!
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    Re: Alpha Aquarius star, rising in the East

    My one and only UFO sighting was while I observed Orion's belt from an open window one summer eve in the early 90's. The strange thing was that I'd dreamed about a UFO the night before.
  20. Re: What in the world is this? Anyone see this before? I found this today on telegram

    That is bizarre!
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