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  1. Re: The Death of Mark McCandlish: UFO artist and activist

    Yes, we need to remember courageous souls like Mark McClandlish.

    His drawings were outstanding, not only their accuracy and detail, but the technical explanation of how these craft operate.

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    Re: 7 mass shootings in 7 days

    Yes, I believe that many of the events are politically motivated to remove guns from private ownership. The NWO is threatened by an armed and independent populace.
  3. Re: Resolution 2361 (2021) Covid-19 vaccines: ethical, legal and practical considerations

    OR we could strengthen our immune systems with exercise and healthy food. Open up schools, tear off our masks and get on with our lives, take a risk, as we have over 1000s of years. Let nature take...
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    Re: What Defines You

    I remember a self awareness workshop many years ago about this subject. The conclusion was that you are "a space in which anything can show up". A possibility, not a very tangible definition, I know....
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    Yes, you have to wonder how children when they reach a working age are bound to pay a debt via taxation that their ancestors created. What is the mechanism that contractually obligates them to pay?...
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    Re: Humans Are Amazing

    Yes, that is an amazing photo, but excuse my skepticism, that is what I would expect to see at a cruising altitude of 35,000'/6.5 miles, not at the ISS altitude of 254 miles. The Earth would look...
  7. Re: Elon Musk Declares INDEPENDENCE, SpaceX Says Mars Colony WILL NOT Follow Earth's Laws

    Mars does have sedimentary rocks, that means it had oceans and lakes in the past and very much warmer climate. The atmosphere must been much thicker, perhaps thicker than Earths, and that life will...
  8. Re: To be or not to be a conspirator with Ariane Bilheran

    Thank you Lunesoleil, your video is one of the most sensible comments I've heard regarding this covid insanity.
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    Re: Tom Bearden's Greatest Hits

    Bearden specifically addresses this in the last quarter of the video.

    The Salvador Pias patents are public and legit.
    Trump signed an executive order demanding a public demonstration in 2...
  10. Re: Reliable information, a real crisis in today's world

    The WHO has changed its definition of what is "herd immunity".

    So why would the WHO do this. Obviously to make the vaccine appear more acceptable to the general public. After all the phenomenon...
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    Re: Personal rant

    The Western World is struggling with debt, it appears this unsustainable system has come to an end. Is covid a cover for an economic reset? I'm sure many would agree.

    For every debt, there has to...
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    Re: Google vs Australia

    If Google and Facebook did close its services in Australia, would that be a problem for Australians? Surely, other search engines would replace Google and is Facebook really that important. I admire...
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    Re: From Stillness into a Trump Victory

    Excellent thread.

    We need to expect this to happen rather than wanting it to happen. Watch the lies peel away and disappear with the truth - so it is obvious to us all.
  14. Thread: Why Trump?

    by Dreamer148

    Re: Why Trump?

    “President Trump is the most misunderstood, mischaracterized, and unfairly demonized POTUS ever to occupy the office. He also is the greatest president of the United States of all time.” Quote Lou...
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    Re: The strangeness of the California Fires

    Right now, the Early Warning Project ranks the US at .8/nearly zero risk of holocaust.

    OK, but considering the US Government is the...
  16. Re: What is Avalon's overall opinion on David Icke??

    He has 2 very admirable qualities, courage and honesty. How many of us with radical opinions could come out publicly and say what you really think?

    I like his style.
    Gotta wonder about the...
  17. Re: FBI Vault 9-11 Pictures released 3.23.2017

    Hi everyone and best wishes to all.
    This is a good topic for my first post.
    In addition to what elf has just said the toughest and densest part of a 757 are the 2 engines. Which are I guess 40'...
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