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  1. Re: Why do magnets stick to a vaxxed person's arm at the injection site?

    'You coming to the pub tonight?'

    'I'd love to, but that last update yesterday crashed me and I've not been able to reinstall it'

    'Have you tried turning yourself off and on?'

    'Tried it, said...
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    Re: The Concept of Legal Person

    Although I knew the general gist of the scam by which 'birth / berth' certificates and the incorporation of people has been effected, I've found it easier to get info on the history of the US...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    That could have been a good strategy except that all reliable doctors out there says that the vaccinated will be dead in 2 to 3 years.[/QUOTE]

    I'm not sure that's true.

    For example, I saw...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    Another thought which occurred is that the vaccines, passports etc. have had the effect of creating a new class of undesirables in the world. The refuseniks are the ultimate embodiment of...
  5. Re: Fascinating Interview From an ex-Sorcerer - Erica Mukisa


    This is very much resonating! There's a lady called Lavette who posts some incredible videos on Youtube. I've timestamped this one as it applies very much to the words in bold above:
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    Forgive me if the following is adjudged off topic, I don't have any 'new' info to share, but I just wanted to share my instinctive reaction to this topic and see if anyone else out there feels...
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    Re: Satanic Bloodline practices

    I have wondered about this a lot. I don't have any answers as such, in fact I'm coming to the position that if we manifest what we focus on that we're better off ignoring these people as much as...
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    Re: Four Basic Universal Principles

    It's funny that as the situation has deteriorated, to the point where it feels frankly apocalyptic, whether in concerns over vaccines, lockdowns, global event etc. I'm feeling good, optimistic even....
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    Re: Synchromysticism

    One of the nice things about this forum is that when I am engrossed in a topic, in this case synchronicities, I can invariably find a thread here with some fantastic links ready to go. Reading this...
  10. Re: Should we be concerned about the welfare of Bigfoot?

    Just as I posted for Crop Circles, here's an alternative take on the Bigfoot phenomenon:

    There's some...
  11. Re: The Duality Play - Are you still playing?

    Another video which I'd like to add to this Duality thread. This is from Lavette Hawkins, one of the most fascinating content creators that I've found on Youtube. Lavette draws from both the Bible,...
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    Re: The Spike Protein

    Well worth a read:
  13. Re: Symbolism Communication - decoding hidden communication within the mainstream media

    When I think of reconciling the vaccines and the Q narrative I sometimes think of this Mike:


    I certainly hope that SD is right on this and the vaccines aren't malign because...
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    Re: The 2020 & 2021 CROP CIRCLE Thread

    I've been posting 'decodes' on another thread by someone whose basic claim is that commercials, tv, movies and other aspects of popular culture frequently carry comms from factions within the ruling...
  15. Re: Symbolism Communication - decoding hidden communication within the mainstream media

    Yes I know what I said about updates, but this is a little different...

    SD says that nuclear power news is comms about imminent disclosures, either planned or otherwise. If that's the case then...
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    Re: The Qanon posts, and associated US political analysis

    I posted above about a lot of 'marker' talk leading up to this time and that having been here before it's just something I note, anyway, as 8kun post notes, there's a lot which could happen today,...
  17. Re: Erich von Daniken ..The end of the Mayan calendar.. the return of the "Gods"

    It gets eerier once you realise there was a miscalculation and it wasn't 2012

    More here:
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    Interesting to take a look at Gematria effect news looking at the myocarditis story:

    Obviously that one correspondence isn't proof of anything in and of itself, but there's some other...
  19. Re: Why do magnets stick to a vaxxed person's arm at the injection site?

    It feels like something put out to discredit vaccine hesitancy or scepticism. Put a few videos out, get people talking about it then, when the time is right, utterly blow it out of the water along...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    It's rarely far from my mind these days mate given that on what purported to be a serious analytical site utilised by govt agencies they were forecasting 70% drop in population here in the UK and...
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