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  1. Re: It's Beginning To Happen Everywhere .. David Icke

    David Icke has done a great deal of work in his lifetime to alert the masses to how those that have power, both gained it, and manipulate it. And if nothing else, he is a true gem when it comes to...
  2. Re: It's Beginning To Happen Everywhere .. David Icke

    It would make sense to me many things...

    1- the majority of the bones left and found on this planet and species we find today, are both dinosaurs and early stages of humans...

    2- many of...
  3. Re: It's Beginning To Happen Everywhere .. David Icke

    I am not sure how to upload a photo here, but I found an interesting video the other day about said "Reptilians"... And began looking for things that may align with what people are referring to as...
  4. Re: It's Beginning To Happen Everywhere .. David Icke

    Whether David Icke is correct in who these people are, or whether they're hybrids, reptilians, or anything else, is irrelevant in my opinion. As someone could easily misidentify groups or heritage,...
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    Re: UAP is heating up!

    And this brings us back to those that have decided tech is NOT the way to go, and they have apparently, and "Supposedly" stepped back to a more traditional way.. (a simpler way) of living, giving up...
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    Re: UAP is heating up!

    About Steven Greer..

    I do appreciate the work that he has done thus far, but I find many areas where he may be mistaken... And the first, and most important is that all ET must be peaceful, or...
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    Re: The "Allies of Humanity" Briefings

    There are actually more than 4 books written by Marshall Van Summers, listed below in no particular order:

    Steps to Knowledge

    * Greater Community Spirituality- A New Revelation

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    Re: Amazon's Sidewalk program

    My internet provider, (Comcast) has been giving away free wifi, much the same way for years, without many of their customers knowing.

    They did this without telling their customers that while they...
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    Re: UFO News - The Latest Drops

    I would have to agree with you on that! I have seen some strange things myself...

    I had to laugh when I saw what Ben Rich had said, "We now have the technology to take et home" Because it...
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    Re: UFO News - The Latest Drops

    We have swarming drones. (Courtesy of TED Talks)

    I post this because we also have very sophisticated full sized drones...

  11. Re: The 16 Levels of Disclosure (Richard Dolan lecture)

    Did you actually read the information I bullet pointed from the interview??? You may have, but your comments don't seem to reflect having done so. What does Richard Dolan's lovelife have to do with...
  12. Re: The 16 Levels of Disclosure (Richard Dolan lecture)

    I do apologize for derailing the thread. I am the last person to want to suggest anything negative about someone unless I fear it is deliberate.. And usually my first instinct is to contact them and...
  13. Re: The 16 Levels of Disclosure (Richard Dolan lecture)

    Not to be rude, but I am seeing red flags all over Richard Dolan's new presentations... Is it just me?

    I like Richard Dolan, his vast amount of historical information is wonderful.. But I shy...
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    Re: The Green Children of Woolpits

    If I remember correctly, there are stories of blue people coming out from such places in America at some point... Apparently they were seen farming fields in the evening, and they would disappear...
  15. Re: How to Remote View (TDRV) - LiveStream with Walter Nowosad & John Vivanco


    Thank You for going back to youtube... We missed you! As always your videos are incredible, even when there are hiccups... The "Community" needs more individuals like you and John.... And...
  16. Re: The Death of Mark McCandlish: UFO artist and activist

    Not to distract from the theme of the thread being Mark's passing, or its circumstances,

    I just have to point out that the "Alien Invasion" theory, and or supposed action coming, and all the...
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    I believe Gaia has the proper attorney, and counter arguements for what is going on. I do hope that they recover any losses they incurred. Sadly disclosure has become a circus, and no one should be...
  18. Re: Project Camelot deleted from YouTube after 16 years!! And the murder of Mark McCandlish

    Thank You for the update Kerry.. I am sorry all of your hard work and efforts have been removed. Thank you for the links.

    The silencing of the most impressive media outlet in the world, is surely...
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    Re: The 'Great Reset'

    It is gold backed, I can confirm this and is in it's final stages of set up (there are four stages, yesterday it was in the 3.something phase).[/QUOTE]

    My problem with any financial system is...
  20. Re: Have you seen David Wilcock's latest update...?

    Diane, the problem is that someone started this thread asking "Do you think this information is a good idea?" I would be extremely happy to never have to discuss DW again, but this thread required...
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