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  1. Galactic Special Forces mission recordings

    Hi all,

    Hope you are traveling well. And, holding space well where ever you are. I haven't been around much for quite a while so if there is anything wrong with posting this guys apologies up...
  2. Re: AI Influence in Our World - Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Election influence, Amazon Social Engineering, Tech Giants

    Hi all,

    Andrew Bartzis - AI Influence in Our World Pt9 - Stuxnet, Chernobyl, Boeing, Microsoft, Birthed Into Our World

    I had the chance to talk with Andrew in May about many things. There were...
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    The Arcturians

    Hi all,

    I hope you are well. Interesting times indeed...and they seem to keep getting more interesting :)

    (I did a search for similar topics...there aren't many and haven't been a while. So if...
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    Poll: Re: Has anyone here had Candida and cured it?

    Hi all,

    There is a product call 'Kolorex' out there. It is exceptional. There are 60 tablets in the bottle. It takes a while to build off the kill off but take it for 2 months and in the last...
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    Energies Nov 7th 2019 on - Head's Up ;)

    Hey everyone,

    I haven't been amongst you a whole heap and respecting the posting efforts moderators investment as always.There aren't many places like this it feels.

    It has definitely being a...
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    Re: Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.: 1922-2019

    Thanks for letting us know..Grateful for the forum and you all for such things.

    I came across him and his group many years ago. Via Michael Tsarion mentioning him and his group. I had a...
  7. Re: Pleiadians - Seven Sisters, Ray Readers, Celestial Singers, Oracles, Grid Workers

    Hi all,

    Hope you're having a great 2019 so far. Part 2 on the Pleaidian species of people here who on the soul level have had past experiences as one.


    Enjoy :)
  8. Re: Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, and James Patterson's book 'Filthy Rich'

    I came across this article during the week or so:

    What this all...
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    Re: What book changed your life?

    Cool thread...

    Saved By the Light - Dannion Brinkley

    I was doing Senior Systems Engineer IT work in Sydney. Very hectic and demanding role back in 2008. I moved to Syd to follow a girl i loved....
  10. Thread: Hollow Earth

    by Alpha141

    Hollow Earth

    Hollow Earth Pt1 - Andrew's 2018 Message to the Guys Down There

    (**Just a note to mods...never knew there was a space for 'Known Hoaxes and Other Bad Information' that from the perspectives of...
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    Re: The Qanon posts, and associated US political analysis

    Its because we are in an Incarnation War.

    The human body skin suit is just the technology for a soul / consciousness to have an experience on the surface of Earth. Unless you have explored death...
  12. Project Avalon - Chat Room - Awareness and Suggestion for focus times or interaction to this community

    Hi all,

    Many of you here are long term members, contributes. Many with very extensive efforts into understanding what is going on here and now. Many different opinions and perspective for sure....
  13. Re: Counterpart - Sci-fi paranormal TV show with J.K. Simmons

    Agree guys...

    Thought i started way to many threads in this forum about shows so thanks for bringing this up. There level of creative expression in the form of Movies and TV series these last few...
  14. Re: BRITANNIA - About the Druids vs the Roman invasion of England

    If you really like the Vikings theme and a more Britain Focus of history Mike. I think you (and the rest all) will find a series of the same theme with a different focus. More on the England side of...
  15. Re: YOUTUBE is cracking down as the Deep State empire is '3 striking' back: 23/1/18

    If you really are wanting to avoid alot of the scrutiny on YouTube etc. Here's a hint. Don't monitorise you channel. Simple. There is a lot less scrutiny if you do.

    If you think places like...
  16. Re: David Wilcock's letter of resignation to Gaia TV

    Issues with cars, technology etc failing. Can actually (more) likely be the ancestors of the land being a bit annoyed (refrain from using my Aussie desire to use more colourful language). Most in the...
  17. Re: Insectoid Species - Ant and Mantis Beings, Ancestral Blessings, Bee Operators

    Hey all,

    Here is Pt2 on this. This is of a more positive aspect to this collection of species once more. I won't deny like in humanity there aren't bad. Andrew tended to not go onto that in such a...
  18. Re: Pleiadians - Seven Sisters, Ray Readers, Celestial Singers, Oracles, Grid Workers

    Hi all,

    In an Insectoid Species post that i made earlier (P1 of 2 released at present -...
  19. Re: David Wilcock's letter of resignation to Gaia TV

    I was looking for some really cool smart video clip that sums up this drama from some really cool old school movie which might inspire greatness or something......found this lol - but still accurate:...
  20. Re: Bitcoin, the war on cash, Clif High, and the NSA's long range plans

    My Personal advice Apokalyse,

    I use to currency and precious metal trade back in 2008-12 when i discovered things about the financial system, the Federal Reserve, Central Banking etc. And, things...
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