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    Re: Solid white ball craft today

    I doubt the footage would really show anything... The cloaking they have for digital imaging these days is extreme... And given that so many have seen similar things, lit up in multiple colors...
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    Re: Black Lives Matter

    It's my opinion we have issues all over the place, but causing deliberate riffs among races, does nothing more than divide the masses further.., By design.

    Sadly ALL LIVES MATTER, and placing any...
  3. Re: Sasquatch Cover up??? Does the Government know about Sasquatch?

    One day, while researching the topic, I had a vision appear behind my eyes, Almost like a video playing in my forehead area... and a sasquatch appeared, from the neck up, holding a bouquet of little...
  4. Re: Stepping out of the shadows, no triggers here

    Thanks Barry,

    I wrote a lot because I have less and less time to rite these days, so I wanted to cover as much as possible for you to reply to... :waving:

    Feel free to chop it up, or dismiss...
  5. Re: Stepping out of the shadows, no triggers here

    LONG POST ALERT.. sorry, but I have a lot of questions..

    I think it is fair to say that the technologies for the trip chair have gone wifi...

    Satellites, signals, and the mapping and...
  6. Re: Social Experiment ... Forum Thread Sharing & Saying Only Nice Things

    What a nice reprieve from scandalous, accusational, controversial, and suspect threads... With the site tackling mostly conspiracies and the like, sometimes the tone tends to be very heavy...
  7. Re: Being nice all the time is not being spiritual, or wise

    I would suggest that being "Nice" and being happy are two different things... But being nice can create more happiness...

    I strive to be nice, friendly, approachable and kind, but there are times...
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    Re: License Plates

    Hey there! I have to laugh because when I was receiving information directly to my mind, I TOO was prompted to look at plates...

    And on one occasion, I was laughing so hard it raised the attention...
  9. Re: A country run by the mob. JFK revisited by Oliver Stone

    Doug, I am sorry that you had to lose a friend merely for trying to .... be a good friend... It happens, and it is very sad indeed...

    I feel that most truly believe they are doing their part...
  10. Re: Stepping out of the shadows, no triggers here

    My partner was trained to remote view from a very young age, seems that whomever took him told the family he had a very high IQ and was gifted.

    I try not to pry into it despite my curiosity...
  11. Re: Stepping out of the shadows, no triggers here

    Thank You for adding to the conversation!

    I want to clarify for anyone who is reading this thread, I have been speaking to Barry in both PM as well as email, as we share many similarities in our...
  12. Re: Stepping out of the shadows, no triggers here

    Hey there Barry!

    Thank You for the time and effort you are putting into sharing again...

    I wanted to address the psychic element of your survey and work... There is a lot of information...
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    Re: Were the Apollo moon landings faked?

    I have been looking at this topic for years, and know that there are many things they did do right here on Earth, such as the massive Moon model, and the Hawaiian mountains being the "Backdrop" for...
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    Re: Kabamur Taygeta

    Ah ok... The title was a bit generic in what the thread was meant to accomplish... Thank You for the clarification...
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    Re: Kabamur Taygeta

    What is the purpose of your post, aside from sharing their contact information? Is there something that you wanted to add about the cloning issue? Surely it is a topic worthy of discussion...

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    Ditto... I agree with your assessment, "secret handshake" anyone?
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    Re: A close encounter

    Thank You for sharing. I know it’s difficult… But you help many others with feeling empowered to share their own experiences when you do so. And it also helps to give us a better understanding of...
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    Re: A close encounter

    Hi Anu. That sounds traumatic. Were you pissed off that that memory came back? I am fairly certain that there were things in my life which I do not care to remember.

    Did your mother or your...
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    agreed... Perhaps that is what we are witnessing...
  20. Re: Stepping out of the shadows, no triggers here

    While I have a ton of questions, one I wish to ask, in between your recounting of your 1978 event and those questions is...

    Does the color red mean anything to you in regards to what you know? And...
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