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    Re: Incarnation Agreement

    Experiencer is the name of the game on Earth, so may I suggest you fasten your seatbelts, hang on to your soul, and enjoy the ride!
  2. Re: The Importance of Being Ethical and What is Free Speech Really!

    Thank you for this Exomatrix,
    Jordan Peterson gets right to the heart of the matter here , so much so that one can see his heart is bleeding for the young who inherit this world , yet do not have...
  3. Re: Questions About Bill Ryan On Facebook With 8K Followers And Counting

    Time to stand and talk and definitely plant pearls of wisdom where you can, even Facebook! Someone will awaken through hearing those words❤️
  4. Re: Introducing Carolyn Morgan, new Avalon member and Medium extraordinaire

    Robin is over on the island for a few days and we will be filming with Sam this coming Friday.

    If anyone has any questions he is prepared to allow his stream of consciousness to bring forth...
  5. Re: It's Beginning To Happen Everywhere .. David Icke

    David always says it like it is and I love him for this. Thank God we have people like him to shout the truth from the rooftops.
    As he lives only 10 miles from me I have been privileged to hear him...
  6. Re: US Army to order 30,000 next generation weapons...

    It is high time young men and women said NO to murdering their brothers and sisters and NO To joining the military for the purpose of learning how to kill one another with diabolical weapons.
  7. Re: Introducing Carolyn Morgan, new Avalon member and Medium extraordinaire

    Dear Ulli

    As I have said so many times Synchronicity is the universe on the phone and it is up to us as to whether we pick up or not. Midhurst had so many happy memories for me. I used to cycle...
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    Re: What music are you listening to now?

    Tales of the Wind by Tony O’Connor

    Can someone tell me how to place the video here?
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    Re: An Exhaustion setting in

    Dear Doug,
    There are many feeling world weary just as you are but don’t give up. Let go of all the crap going on outside and go within and let your heart speak to you. It will tell you that nature...
  10. Re: What are the questions you are most driven to find answers to?

    I see there are many questions on this thread, many members seeking many answers.

    If you wish I could put them to the oracle I work with and get answers. But it would be appreciated if you would...
  11. Re: Introducing Carolyn Morgan, new Avalon member and Medium extraordinaire

    Orph Robin has recently replied to your question and I hope to give his answer in this weeks video

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Harmony I have put your question to Robin and have received the reply...
  12. Re: Introducing Carolyn Morgan, new Avalon member and Medium extraordinaire

    There is a possibility of a Q&A with Robin coming up in the near future, so if anyone has a question needing an answer perhaps you could leave it here on the forum or send me a private message and I...
  13. Re: Introducing Carolyn Morgan, new Avalon member and Medium extraordinaire

    Dear Billy
    Thank you those kind words
    This really is a time to remain calm, stay in your sacred space and just be the witness to all that appears to be going on elsewhere.
    Maintain the power of...
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    Re: Surviving a nuclear war

    If you give a subject enough thought you are helping to materialise that thought.
    I prefer to keep my thoughts on a positive level
    I had enough nightmares in my teens about the atom bomb so am not...
  15. Re: Canadian Government Presents the Transhumanist Agenda


  16. Re: Sandy's night vision Orb and Light objects

    I recently took a photograph of orbs at a drumming session, there were some bright orange orbs and one bright blue one that had the face of the main drummer in, quite clearly! He has...
  17. Re: Sandy's night vision Orb and Light objects


    What an interesting video!

    I am led to understand that these light phenomena, known as Orbs, are various forms of consciousness.
    Although I have never taken video film I did...
  18. Re: Let's try to avoid focus on war, rumours of war, and fearmongering

    Thank you Anchor for your post on this forum.

    This is SO relevant to what is happening here on Earth.

    We need to focus on LOVE not fear, and live our lives just BEING WHO WE ARE and recognise...
  19. Re: Will aliens ever show themselves to people on this planet?

    Perhaps we are the Aliens having an Earthly experience and we have to save ourselves from the material hold planet Earth has over us. It is like glue that sticks us here, when in reality we are...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan

    Happy Birthday Dear Bill
    Age is only a matter of mind and if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.
    It is a strange thing thing but the older one gets one becomes the conscious witness to all that...
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