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  1. Re: An Interesting Piece Of Soft Disclosure From 1984

    Hah. That's so cute. I could watch this all day.
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    Re: Is it all a game?

    "Law of One" is very annoying to read in its style but it has some good material.
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    Re: Transgenderism: Is it Mental Illness?

    I'm not comfortable with the way transgenderism is being pushed SO hard right now.

    The media is just being really manipulative about it with all these touching stories and pictures of little...
  4. Re: Flashback: Bathtub full of Blood found in Lady Gaga's Hotel Room

    She always seemed to me like someone to take the piss with. "You used to have decent artists like Madonna, now we'll give you this."
  5. Re: Benjamin Fulford Update, 6th Feb, 2017 - The long awaited arrests of cabalists are supposed to start this week

    He's starting to remind me of Sheldan Nidle, who's a terrible predictor.
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    Popular culture seems like it couldn't get any worse or any more negative than it is now. Fashion is horrible, not to mention TV. Just extremely corrupting.

    It seems like the world could begin to...
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    Wow, I was just reading about this kind of thing on VC when I came accross this that really moved me and took me by surprise:

    "Things are getting scary in the world. We need the Lord to pour out...
  8. Re: Is France going to Frexit from EU and NATO ? La France se dirige-t-elle vers une sortie de l'EU et de l'OTAN ?

    I wish. That would be a dream come true.
  9. Re: Do vaccines contribute to autism? Should we vaccinate?

    Look, they've come up with a new phrase for those skeptical to the official version of things - "The anti-enlightenment movement" :) How clever of them.
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    Re: War vs the Truth: Psychological Operations Film

    Deleted post.
  11. Re: Ben Fulford update 2017-01-09: Countdown to the new age begins as final cabal underground bases subdued

    I'm starting to think this Fulford guy is full of crap. It's very reminiscent of the postings of some New Age channelers who have been posting similar stuff for years now. The Cabal is being brought...
  12. Re: How To Wake Up When You Don't Even Know You're Asleep?

    That reminds me I had an interesting dream sequence before I woke up. I was telling some guy he wasn't all annoying. There were things about him that were fine, there were things only I subjectively...
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    Sticky: Re: Enlightenment and related matters.

    Sounds True is a great publisher of consciousness-expanding material.
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    Sticky: Re: Enlightenment and related matters. :flower:
  15. Re: Why: 1) 102 members vs 1,584 guests online; 2) 1,115 active vs 10,390 total members this morning at PA?

    I didn't really think about it, since I kind of fit in here. I don't know, some things you can just relate to more, and it's the kind of thing that I'm able to contribute something to. I mostly just...
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    Sticky: Re: Enlightenment and related matters.
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    Re: Are we locked in frequency control?!

    The cold voice of Barbara Markiniac gives me the creeps. I can tell this is someone who can be very brutal. She sounds like a stereotypical agent.
  18. Thread: Timeline shifts

    by Enola

    Re: Timeline shifts

    I think one way they probably try to influence timelines is through popular culture. By influencing how we think and live and hoping it will take an effect. And things like the millennium/2012 shift,...
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    Re: Ex-Wham singer George Michael dies

    That's sad. He was a strong personality, and I also think seemed like a very good person.
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    Re: Merry Christmas Avalon!!

    Hey, I remember once reading how the vibration level is turned up for a few days at Christmas so we feel a bit better, but is soon turned down again.

    We celebrate Christmas on the 24th and two...
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