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  1. Re: Planet Lockdown Documentary multiple languages.

    Excellent documentary that needs to be watched and understood wide and far
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    Re: Poisoning the Food Supply

    They lead us to believe that small amounts of toxins or nano particles are safe but satan inverts everythink because the smaller the particle the worse it is. Even small amounts of toxins build up...
  3. Re: Former Government adviser sticks the boot in to PM Boris on BBC interview

    Orchestrated departure like Matt Hancock known as the prince of darkness in Westminster.

    Both have carried out their oders and destroyed as much as they could - so their time is up and time to go.
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    Re: How many dimensions are there?

    12 is a good number

    What do we mean by a different dimension, is it just a different facet of the same coin depending on how we perceive reality and interact with it.

    In reality our reality is...
  5. Re: Religious People Pushing Back Against The Covid Hoax

    At last the cat is slowly coming out of the bag
  6. Re: Sub species of maybe human that need to be hung by a tree!

    Life is precious and delicate so no excuses even though the women may be traumatised or deranged
  7. Re: Could the pandemic be completely over within 60 days?

    I don't think it will end until we have a global annual mandatory vaccine program written into law by the WHO - They can then optimise and control the world population at their pleasure - GOTCHA !
  8. Re: Could this be you? Garret LoPorto and the Wayseer Manifesto

    Good, very good, and exceptionally good wake up video and reminder to us all
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    Re: Debunker Debater Thread

    With the rise of Satan everything becomes inverted. This lack of truth is the biggest threat to humanity
  10. Re: So are they going to blame the upcoming internet blackout on the Russians then (as per usual)?

    Smoke and mirrors stuff
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    Re: Vaccine Passports and Omicron

    It is highly possible that the vaccinated are harbouring / creating the variants and acting as a virus carrier and spreader
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    Global plan - we are all Illuminati

    I am attempting to think like the Illuminati so they we may better understand thine enemies plans and hence ourselves. We are all one hence we are also part Illuminati.

    I have tried...
  13. Re: My wife is being attacked by reptilians after opening her clairvoyance. Looking for advice.

    I know how disturbing and physically stressful this is because my wife is very sensitive to these entities which are milling around all the time where we are mostly unaffected.
    For my wife it is...
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    Re: Reversing the spell

    Found this very useful which certainly helps you focus, enhance and lock in your intentions
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    Re: Reversing the spell

    For Information purposes

    Mass Formation Psychosis
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    Re: 6uild 6ack 6etter = 666

    The Great Reset is when humanity eagerly hands over their freewill, soverignty and basic freedom rights to the authorities by accepting the Nano Tech jab (mark of the beast) + crypto money and...
  17. Re: Now The Double Vaccinated Are A Threat To The Triple Vaccinated

    Just checked - official figures show varying percentage because of differences in the three shots - 50% seems a fair estimate - but probably lower due to constant manipulation of data
  18. Re: Now The Double Vaccinated Are A Threat To The Triple Vaccinated

    There is around 70% or so of the world that are vaxxed and under the influence of mass formation psychosis, as such they are not even looking at this stuff and even if they do the mind manipulation...
  19. Thread: The common cold

    by yelik

    Re: The common cold

    Since every cold is now covid style.

    At the first sign use an antiviral throat and nasal flush spray. Essentially any disinfectant type substance will kill any virus in the upper respiratory tract...
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    Re: Reversing the spell

    Retired generals warn of ‘lethal chaos’ in US military after 2024 vote

    Yep, and this is exactly what the Elites realise because The tyrant Biden and his mob need taking out
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