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  1. Re: Ukraine is a Nazi state, don't fall for the lie

    One of the reasons I enjoy Avalon is because it touches on topics that I am interested in and this is one of those times. I make no illusion that I am in possession of all the facts, far from it. My...
  2. Re: Ukraine is a Nazi state, don't fall for the lie

    Outside of owning a farm 100 Km from the Russian border I have no desire to stake a claim in the Russian acquisition of Ukraine.

    I am certainly open about what should happen. Since you think the...
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    Re: The revolution is coming

    I don't believe this for a second. Yes, many leaders are corrupt but that goes with the turf. Most leaders around the world have huge ego's no matter how much they may try to keep them hidden. To...
  4. Re: Ukraine is a Nazi state, don't fall for the lie

    Russia has had a long and not so pleasant relationship with Ukraine, they colonized them several times and eventually made them part of the Soviet Union. After WWI the Russians looked toward Ukraine...
  5. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    I have been trading in Algo and I have seen some very strange activity this week that goes against the broader crypto trend. While Bitcoin has been enjoying some nice gains the rest of the market is...
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    Re: Cancel Culture (Examples)

    This is what happens when the cancel culture goes unchecked and runs its course. The fact that these ideologies are already being implemented in schools across America is beyond alarming.

  7. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    Hi Jayke
    Thanks for posting the Ted Talk video above, it was enlightening about blockchain.

    The purpose of this post is to get your thoughts on Bitcoin. I have been dabbling in the crypto market...
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    Re: Internet Censorship: So it began...

    In this video Ken Domenech describes book burning in Nazi Germany, it is absolutely amazing how similar it is to the times we are living in now. A must watch video.

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    Re: Social credit system approved in Spain

    All the more reason big tech needs to be reigned in, this is nothing more than a digital dictatorship and a dystopian nightmare. Without the help and approval of big tech, this would be almost...
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    Re: The Top 10 evil people still alive today

    I think you are so right. In a channeled material (I can't remember exactly which one) there was a quote: "It's hard for you to understand it but Hitler has gone to heaven..."
    This, I think, has to...
  11. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    Hi Jayke
    I have been following this thread for a bit but have not read every post. I have only been in the crypto market for about 2 months. Thought I would give it a try but only with some money...
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    Re: Meme Your Memeist Memes Thread
  13. Re: Do we have a Spirit? Do we have a Soul? And where's the proof?

    Without amnesia, we would never really reincarnate. We would be living into eternity (or the same life each time we reincarnate) with short breaks after each human body we occupy dies. I have no...
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    Re: Swab test strategy

    There is a huge scam going on all over the USA. It works by encouraging or even forcing people over 65 (people on medicare) to get tested, even if they have been vaccinated. These criminals are after...
  15. Re: It really is kicking off in Israel and Palestine...

    Now that this episode between the Israeli's and the Palestinians is winding down it appears blatantly obvious what happened. Biden restored US taxpayer aid to the Palestinians in April and they shot...
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    Re: Why do UFOs crash?

    Keep in mind this around the same time that atomic energy was discovered. On July 16, 1945, in a remote desert location near Alamogordo, New Mexico, the first atomic bomb was successfully...
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    Re: The migration crisis on the US-Mexico border

    Many of us view immigration in an empathetic and compassionate way and it does not seem right on many levels. We look at the immigration process in a way that is personal, what does it mean for me,...
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    Re: The Wall Of Shame

    Ahhhhh! :scared:

    This is by no means an excuse for her behavior. It simply shows what it takes be behave/act in this manner.

    Demi Lovato reveals she has brain damage from 2018...
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    Re: Any Other Good Alt Forums Out There?


    I put together a post for my site back in 2014. Scoured the internet for decent forums. Below you will find a partial list that I published, there were many more but I pared it down when they...
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    Re: Cancel Culture (Examples)

    A bit of fresh air in the suffocating cancel culture world we have been living in for several years.

    'Woke' corporations called out in ad campaign; Nike, Coca-Cola in the firing line

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