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  1. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    tied for first place
  2. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    The idiot is don lemon
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    Re: American Marxism

    one thing the new young American marxists are going to need to understand is THEY will be living in a marxist society as the rich, the powerful, the elite continue to live in an excessive, opulent,...
  4. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    I have passed thru my anger stage regarding Biden. Hes just a prop and I get it. So is Kameltoe.

    Im not married to a Trump return, only because I know he has been too polarizing, marked by the...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    yes Chris This is what its all about. they will keep inventing variants until their mission is complete. its the perfect con, and only really strong , lucid , present thinkers can see this
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    Re: (s7e6e asks) is Avalon a CIA platform?

    Im part of an e mail chain that has Jack Sarfatti on it. Im in a bit of a pissing match with Jack regarding covid and the jab which he seems to endorse 100%. And I dont buy either story. That...
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    Re: Tucker Carlson

    I like Tucker, and for me, does more good than not regarding all. one has to know which battles to choose in order to be listened to .

    perhaps this was just to far out on the limb for him. to...
  8. Re: Take a day off from saving the world

    thanks Mike and well said. yes, take us over the cliff with them is a concern.
    thats why i have a hard time seeing this as "live and let live"
  9. Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    sheer insanity.

    sheer insanity
  10. Re: How Mirrors Could Power the Planet... and Prevent Wars!

    the answers are there. they have been there in different forms for a long time. but they dont want the answers. they want control

    But very cool!!!
  11. Re: Take a day off from saving the world

    Thanks Gracie. and yes I have taken note of your unique place here. Its good to hear your centered in yourself. One needs to take care of home first, before helping others, which reflects my...
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    Re: Free Speech Restricts Our Freedoms

    Free speech restricts our freedoms, like living peaceful, insures our violence, like being generous insures our selfeshness, like being cautious insures our peril,

    well I could go on, but you...
  13. Re: Take a day off from saving the world

    Thanks Pyrangello, fellow welder! My friend Carol Rosen says she worked with him in the latter days. Its mentioned in Greers film .
  14. Re: Take a day off from saving the world

    Agape/ sounds like a life of service which is a good life. and i was born in 1953 thanks for the info.

    Chip/ yes Im doing the same, at least trying to. An hour or so a day, then let it be
  15. Take a day off from saving the world

    This is what came to me this morning while waking.

    I, as many of you are working tirelessly to get the word out, help uncover, research, share and educate others for the good of everyone, for...
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    Re: Graphene in the 'vaccines'?

    La Quinta now claims to find graphene oxide in VAXI GRIP flu shot from 2020
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    Re: To say, without saying it ...

    hey many thanks to all. funny but i did an inteview a while ago and said um, too many times. anyhow, its good to make contact and call out to ears of like minds
  18. Re: LIBERATE HUMANITY: Will you do whatever it takes??

    Not sure where I should have posted this, but and excellent new talk by Jeffrey Prather . this man is very smart and valuable to us all.

    Trump won, so what. /
  19. Re: Irish Ice Hockey Star Resigns In Protest Over Vaccine Passports

    Excellent. I feel for him and the situation. This is more of what we need. We need more significant or notable people, celebs, sports, media etc to come forward go public and say no. this is the...
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    Re: Graphene in the 'vaccines'?


    Good questions. I have been in touch with them at Orwell city for La Quinta . As you know, I already had the graphene oxide question confirmed by a" friend". Its a matter of how much and...
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