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  1. Re: Extreme Covid measures in Canada... as Loony as ever.

    A couple things I've noticed ...

    Alberta has pushed a policy to not test unvaccinated, and none of the schools or business test the unvaccinated. This obscures the view into how much the...
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    I think that's actually what he was implying ... that "emergence" is the closest thing to "magic" that science has on offer as he explicitly states in the first video. He advocates for allowing that...
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    Not exactly on topic, but not exactly off topic either ... Daniel Schmachtenberger on the concept of "emergence" in regards to how we might get from where we are to where we need to be ... its an...
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    Re: Norm Macdonald passed away

  5. Re: Extreme Covid measures in Canada... as Loony as ever.

    To my fellow British Columbians ...

    Happy government mandated discrimination day!

    Today marks the first day of it being illegal to peacefully protest, go to the gym, a funeral, a wedding, a...
  6. Re: The Simple Reason that Nothing Can Move Faster than the Speed of Light

    While I agree with this in its basic principle (the ideas of "jumps" creating perceived movement has occurred to me since my early twenties) ... A related question I might ask is, if a "jump" occurs...
  7. Thread: Twin flame

    by DeDukshyn

    Re: Twin flame

    I think I see it different ...

    The twin flame is the Christ and the Lucifer ... The spiritual and the physical ... think about it, or rather ... meditate on it.
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    Re: Astral Projection

    I like your posts and I do use binaural beats from time to time for meditation etc.

    Maybe one single dedicated thread for your posts would be best? Whenever you post new content on such a thread,...
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    Re: The face mask discussion

    "... facemasks are even increasing pollution in the ocean ... So please help us save the planet today and pay us to consume more plastic ..."
  10. Re: Extreme Covid measures in Canada... as Loony as ever.

    I make it a habit of fact-checking sensational sounding articles, especially before
    passing them on to others.

    The title is quite misleading (as is often the case with news media these days).
  11. Re: Extreme Covid measures in Canada... as Loony as ever.

    I tried to find an alternate source for this info, but all sources are just copies of the original on LifeSite News.
    But I did find something on the government of Canada website that corroborates...
  12. Re: Extreme Covid measures in Canada... as Loony as ever.

    Well, well, I guess, no more movie theatres, sports events, eating out, weddings conference, work meetings, gym days, or nightclubs for me ....

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    Re: Meme Your Memeist Memes Thread

    I'm sure your posts are great, I just can't see them....

    Which is why you might be wondering why I never give them a 'like' :highfive:[/QUOTE]

    Did you try, "reply with quote" then select...
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    Re: More Wildfires




    My evac alert has finally been lifted, but the fire of note that put me under alert is still burning and out of control. The Okanagan area of BC is...
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    Re: Meme Your Memeist Memes Thread

    My version of that logic :)

    "If there was an experimental contraceptive vaccine that was not approved by any health authority, and required you to still use other contraceptive methods or else you...
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    Re: Planting seeds.... ?

    Let's keep in mind there's already 10s of thousands of alien invasion movies created since the dawn of cinema. What makes this one the "seed planter"? Are all of them intended to foretell a fake...
  17. Re: Let's list conspiracy theories that came to pass

    My favourite:
    "Are you saying the government uses you phone to spy on me and can remotely activate my mic and camera? Haha, what are you some conspiracy theorist or something?""

    Another good one:...
  18. Thread: Farewell?

    by DeDukshyn

    Re: Farewell?

    Well you ain't dead yet. Keep us posted on the process and anything else that comes your way. You still have more to offer even if the time is short.

  19. Re: Nirakara and Shentong Buddhism, Tara, Sadhanas, Sanskrit culture

    Daaang brother this is a lot of stuff ... but looks like its up my alley ... will try to get back to read through it all.

  20. Re: Introducing Carolyn Morgan, new Avalon member and Medium extraordinaire

    Interestingly, she came up in my suggested feed just the other day, but I didn't watch it ... I guess now I'll have to. :)
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