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    Just watched the whole thing... this is quite exciting. Yes, I have been entertaining the whole starseeds things, matter of fact I can tell by appearance the other density/dimension ones but I...
  2. Re: Plato, Newton, Leonardo, Rembrandt... who are they now?

    any idea who that psychic was?
  3. Re: Was there (is there!?) an ancient global energy grid?

    I wonder if people here have heard of the work of Bruce L Cathie (NZ represent!)

    A New Zealand pilot who saw UFOs while flying, and out of his own interest, discovered from the location of the...
  4. Re: Films/Movies with uplifting/inspiring/thought-provoking themes, etc. etc.

    Saw the Elephant Man (1980) with a friend - brought him to tears. Quite a touching movie.

    Groundhog Day is something I'll keep recommending - topic of reincarnation. And it's never too late to...
  5. Re: Sleeping on the ground has cured me of all muscle tension, inflammation, stiffness, etc.

    Fascinating, thanks for sharin

    just to be sure, this is from sleeping on the carpet rather than the tatami mat?
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    So how do I get into automatic writing? A reiki practitioner recommended it to me one time
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    Re: Are you an INFJ? Do you know one?

    I know some INFJs and I'm a big fan of them, having tested for ENFP before. Dream girl? Possibly.. possibly
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    Re: Holistic Tools and Solutions for Right Now

    I like this guy's channel and his videos. Here's a quick chakra meditation of his aq63MfRPUVA

    I think the work is something a little more special than else I've encountered. The order of the...
  9. Thread: The Cry of Gaia

    by Hitchy

    Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Hi Bill, a most excellent article. Thank you. I am looking for a meditation I can do to help this

    "If we dedicate 10 minutes a day to holding these people in our collective light, it can make a...
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    Re: Finding spiritual truth?

    Meditation in the style of Joel S Goldsmith (apparently more in tune with Christian mystic meditation rather than the secular meditation of Buddhism). I recommend a copy of his book The Art of...
  11. What are your favourite Project Avalon threads ever?

    Any and all any and all :happythumbsup:
  12. Re: Any spiritual show that does interviews that you can recommend?

    thank you!

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    thank you :happythumbsup:
  13. Any spiritual show that does interviews that you can recommend?

    Hi all,

    I have a friend who is writing a book on a new system of chakra work that he discovered through dreams - communications from Thoth. It is a 12 chakra system and instead of cycling from...
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    Re: Trump Tests Positive for Covid-19

    Interesting post seen on r/conspiracy today
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    Re: Exceptional psychic abilities in exceptional people

    Here's what I can contribute..

    Tantric energy tested by science

  16. Government Insider reveals information (the known reality of different dimensions, alien presence)

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    Sticky: Re: Interesting Free Books in PDF


    this site is overall good for ebooks (I found it thanks to this forum :D)
  18. Re: Does anyone know where I can find this meditation diagram mentioned by Dawn?

    Thank you so much guys!!!!
  19. Does anyone know where I can find this meditation diagram mentioned by Dawn?

    This is one of the more astonishing things I've seen so far..

    Here Dawn mentions a link to...
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