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  1. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    This has been on my mind a lot recently, the idea of a remote-ish community in a characterful location, where people can contribute their life-skills and trades/professional chops e.t.c
    There are an...
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    Re: Multiple major websites down 8 June, 2021

    While all of these items are indeed manifestations of the Inter-Networked information system, and Web culture, consider what else has been enabled from the invention of the World Wide Web which...
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    Re: Catherine Austin Fitts: all things Fitts

    Dr. Tenpennny says at 13:20, According to SAGE, the UK's CDC, this fall when the 3rd wave of covid hits, 60 to 70% of those who've had 2 shots will be hospitalized or die!

    I'm hoping that the...
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    Re: Catherine Austin Fitts: all things Fitts

    I recall when the Japanese Tsunami hit there was talk of a major geological act of sabotage using powerful nuclear charges to initiate the slip - but really this was never confirmed, plus the...
  5. Re: Osteoporosis induced by anorexia - help

    How distressing for you, I know of quite a few young ladies who choose this behaviour because my best friend and long time companion is a psychiatric nurse - and we know, don't we, that it is the...
  6. Re: All about SARS-CoV-2 asymptomatic transmission

    Mike Yeadon once again offering an indisputably rational and informed critique! I like this man enormously.
  7. Re: All about SARS-CoV-2 asymptomatic transmission

    It is curious that this feature of SARS-Cov2 is the only epidemic (to coin their phrase) where asymptomatic infection 'danger' has been emphasised, in fact they stressed this right out of the...
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    Re: The revolution is coming

    I think you have struck 'the chord' with this post, God surely exists but we have been sorely deceived with human fictions and the quest for political power: for this is what religion ultimately is...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    Another good doctor has been speaking about this plan to eventually 'vaccinate' infant babies, he is also very angry and deeply affected. He has been systematically 'cancelled' as a scientist and a...
  10. Re: Colonial Pipeline Ransom From Bitcoin Wallet Recovered

    Another perspective on this: Bitcoin can be very securely stored in a private wallet, if these 'criminals' knew their Crypto they would have had at least a hardware wallet, a kind of USB stick which...
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    Re: ET or closer to home?

    The concept of extra dimensions is something I agree with Arthur Young about, as in there are no tangible Xtra dimensions, from a geometric/physics point of view additional dimensions point to less...
  12. Re: Midazolam is the smoking gun in UK First Wave

    You can see how this drug was behind the inflated numbers, feeding the justification for restrictions and building the case for the SAGE lock downs, while also removing the 'burden' of older people:...
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    Re: How to AVOID being vaccinated

    This has a great spirit and the lyrics are actually bang on target! Simple, powerful production and I like this enormously!
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    Re: Logan Paul... aliens coming in June?

    Reminds me of that science fiction series from 1984/5 "V" - an alien takeover by a carnivorous species, we have been primed by many such messages.
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    Re: R.I.P. Rocky Shorz

    I did not know of this person, but I extend sympathy to all who did: our membership is often an unknown quantity even to ourselves, the dynamics of communities is truly fascinating, we imagine we are...
  16. Re: Dr. SHIVA ANSWERS: Are You Afraid They May KILL YOU?

    Media, whether social or independent, mainstream is all we have - information influences everything, Joseph Pulitzer knew how important free speech is. This is a good man.
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    Re: The Spike Protein

    This is intriguing, back in 2020 the rock star Christopher Cross reported being infected by this virus, and his symptoms included problems with walking, his general mobility as if his nervous system...
  18. Re: Dark Journalist/ The Mellon family / Chris Mellon and the false ET agenda

    Although I am not a professional UFO researcher, or journalist it is a subject I have been studying and following since I was a much younger man,
    when Elizondo and the crew first emerged I was...
  19. Re: Paronychia, an infection of the fingernail

    I am not familiar with this specific fungal infection Bill, although I have seen this quite often in others - what I do have personal experience of is a persistent fungal invasion of my
    big toe...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    Natalie, you (and I) have known for a long time that the very worst of what we suspected was the case. There is nothing in the concept of vaccination as it is practiced that holds even a match light...
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