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  1. Re: Honoring ASHLI BABBITT, unarmed and shot at close range in the Capitol Building, 6 January 2021

    Ashli Babbitt to the pearly gates with our love
  2. Re: List 3 main survival foods for storing in case of food shortages

    1. Oatmeal
    2. Dehydrated Tomato Powder
    3. Dehydrated Potato flakes
    4. Canned Sardines and Tuna
    5. Ghee
    6. Coconut oil
    7. Salt, Tamari and Soy sauce
    8. Honey, sugar and molasses
    9. lentils for...
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    Re: From Stillness into a Trump Victory

    I'm all in, and I've had success by doing this in the past.
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    Re: If You Ruled the World....

    I would create a drug that puts a temporary hold on human conception and make everyone in the world take it.
    Then I would give every person a series of psychological tests.
    Only those who proved...
  5. Re: What is the Likely Outcome after the 2020 US Election?

    Possible scenarios as I see it:

    1.A grave, manufactured danger derails the election and there is none. (China war with USA, for farmable land, which they need) (A more deadly viral strain of covid...
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    Re: Strategic Relocation

    Anyone who is interested in relocating to Mexico, feel free to PM me.
    I did it 20 years ago (from the USA) and it's one of the best decisions of my life.
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    Re: Beautiful Nature pics

    my beautiful bougainvillea
  8. Re: What did you plant today? Garden and Farming for FOOD SECURITY.


    Our garden is mostly raised beds. (really helps with back problems)
    We even grow papaya trees, and cherry trees in raised beds.
  9. Re: The planned takedown of America: now (June 2020) in full swing.

    When I first saw the Georgia guidestones... I just knew it was their plan. So for me, in whatever way or ways they have planned, the depopulation agenda is #1 on the sociopath controllers list. At...
  10. Re: Do we have a Spirit? Do we have a Soul? And where's the proof?

    For me the"Proof" is what I saw on two people's deathbed confessions.
    One very bad person who hurt many others said, "I am ended. I will no longer exist."
    One very good person, almost a saint,...
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    Re: The face mask discussion

    My medical friend tells me there will never be herd immunity.
    That this is not a pandemic that the covid is ENDEMIC.
    Permanent. Like the common cold.

    And for what it's worth, I only wear a...
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    Re: The Phenomena Known As "Karens"

    Yes. Karens come in all genders and races and cultures.
    I wish that females were not singled out.
    Is just more sexism... and also ageism.
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    Re: All Lives Matter

    I am sure that my life matters
    and your life matters.

    I am also absolutely convinced
    my life does not matter to the controllers, the cabal, the so called elites, the central bank, the...
  14. Thread: Voter fraud?

    by Antagenet

    Re: Voter fraud?

    Yes, now ballots will be monetized and weaponized.
    We are all a commodity to be bought and sold.
    Nothing new.

    By the way, I opted out decades ago.
    I do not vote.
    Libertarian at heart and...
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    No one who has any humanity at all should EVER be shamed, or have to take a "Shame Walk". Not for what they have done, let alone what others in whatever so called group they belong to did in the past...
  16. Re: The death of George Floyd in police hands, Minneapolis, 25 May 2020

    From a woman who is from Venezuela and has been through "revolution" and hates it.
    A very wizened perspective.

    my2 cents. Soros and cabal are lovin all this and want every country...
  17. Re: What did you plant today? Garden and Farming for FOOD SECURITY.

    I've never seen this before! What a great idea!

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Ive never seen this before! What a great idea!
  18. What did you plant today? Garden and Farming for FOOD SECURITY.

    Combine global depression + mini ace age cooler temperatures and difficult worldwide growing conditions... now planting a garden is my number one goal. I want to be as food sufficient as possible....
  19. Sticky: Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [Covid-19, the Honey Badger virus]

    How can it be fake, take me as a random sample in Iran, our friend’s father has died at the age of 100 and he was tested positive and he used to work in a crowded shopping place even at this age and...
  20. Sticky: Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [Covid-19, the Honey Badger virus]

    100% Cure rate!
    Seems authentic.
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