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  1. Re: The effects of street lights on us

    Hi Sérénité!

    Long time ago I found a study on "sli-ders".
    It must be over 20 years ago, I will see if I can trace it back.

    I used to affect the street lights (sometimes felt a bit guilty for...
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    Re: Forced or mandatory vaccination

    fau-XI-ci or faux-ici?
    For those that understand French...
  3. Re: The effects of street lights on us

    Thread got closed for no reason.
    I will try to re-open it.
  4. Re: The effects of street lights on us

    Interesting thought! I have also known this as "SLI - Street Light Interference".
    But I never came across the explanation you just gave, it makes a lot of sense.

    In the 1980's, what you describe...
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    "The stars are upside-down!"

    When one looks, one "sees"...

    A moment ago, I read this:

    Look at the link. The...
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    Re: Hypocrisy / TIME for TRUTH

    Interesting thread All Is One!

    Hypocrisy was 25 centuries ago, a neutral concept. But nowadays (and since quite some time) it holds a negative connotation. And that is the one you are talking...
  7. Re: Project Nemesis Instigation Initiation Designed Engineered Conscious System Dxcode1171 New Age Configured Protocol

    Hi Arcturian108. You may be right in your take on this thread. There have been a lot of words, symbols, movies, songs etc... referenced in rather unusual ways, so that those that càn read something...
  8. Re: Project Nemesis Instigation Initiation Designed Engineered Conscious System Dxcode1171 New Age Configured Protocol

    This is one of the most unusual actual threads on PA. And it can be approached from many different angles. That it is not easy to understand is for sure. Why it is written “now, at this time”, is...
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    Re: Predictions for 2021

    Sue, I really liked what you wrote yesterday evening.

    I would however replace in the first phrase
    "but what if multiple realities really are a key concept that we simply cannot grasp"
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    Re: Quantum mRNA vax Reversal

    Well Bassplayer1, Seth and Jane Roberts were early "friends" for me in 1978.
    It was a pretty lonely road at the time.

    If you are wondering what Seth would say "today", you could have a look at...
  11. Re: Mass Psychosis - How did they manage it?

    It looks like today, all the "old tricks" that he wrote about (post Korean War) are just as valid today as then.

    What will be interesting, is to see in how far he writes about some form of...
  12. Re: Mass Psychosis - How did they manage it?

    I did too! Thanks Delight!
  13. Re: Mass Psychosis - How did they manage it?

    Joost Merloo's book, "Rape of the Mind" was written in 1956! That is 65 years ago.
    I had never heard of him, but I sure will read a few of his books now.
    Maybe some for the Avalon Library?

  14. Re: The Psychopath Elite Mindset that Control the World

    It's way over 100 BILLION people that have been born in the last 12000 years.
    The 8 billion are alive, today.
    If a generation is 20 years, you can arrive at 8 billion now, in 600 generations.
  15. Re: The Ten Stages of Genocide 2021 Update

    Hi John.

    First of all, thanks for all the very useful information you have brought to this forum. And continue to bring!
    I am sure that many, many people here appreciate your efforts.

  16. Re: Dystopian SF Movies ... Warning for the Future or an instruction manuel?

    The dystopian SF movie that made a first major impression on me, was in 1974, "Soylent Green".
    As a young guy who loved SF (I had read lots by then), this movie felt like a "déjà vu".
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    Re: They Already Told Us the Plan

    Thanks for the link!

    This guy has political ambinitions, though he says he does not intend to ever become a "politician".
    But with this video, he shows that he is already one, right now.
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    Re: My Theory On Anxiety

    Hey Mike. Good thread!

    Yes, I agree that "anxiety attacks" are most often a sign that you are "off track".
    I do believe it goes even further, deeper than only one's conscience.

    Most of us here...
  19. Re: A World Pushing Back Against CV19 Lockdown: The Protests, The Revolts, The Non-Compliance

    A good summary and a good example, from Ireland:
  20. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    "I believe there is a story from Holland where workers dropped their wooden clogs into the loom - it gave rise to a phrase that is still used today but few realise where it comes from"...

    Not a...
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