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    Watching from Cypress:
    Thanks for your comment. Just a question if I may.
    This part: Time to hunt down Lucifer aka Marduk and the reptile Pindar. They run this show here on Earth.
    I can sort of...
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    Oh Lord (if I may say it that way) I do love people who yearn for the truth.
    I'll do my best to post a few for the eyes that see and the ears that hear.
    Based on re-translations of the saying of...
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    Thanks for the kind comment. More will most definitely follow.
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    Yes the blood crying out from the Earth is a very important clue - good catch.

    Several years ago I discovered that by using a Template of my own design, based upon science and the existence of the...
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    Yes, i have a few, but i would get my account retired if i said what i think of that lol

    I believe, we, the ones here on Avalon, are "the others", and by that i mean we are not Abraham linked, we...
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    Thank you for your comments. I guess it balances out. This time he did not favor the hunter, but in the case of Cain and Abel he did.
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    PS: I put this under myth and legend because, as you will see, one group is living a legend and the other, well, the word myth is what we have left, right?

    Whenever you see one of my posts...
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