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  1. Re: The Sanity Chronicles: Being the Target of Electronic Stalking and Mind Control (ESCM), Volume I

    From the dialogue you journaled, my impression is that the chatterers are doing this for prophet. Preplanned flow-charts of causal events to prophet from each detail. These monsters must be stopped.
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    Re: Targeted individual with youtube channel

    LOL! I just don't know about Tew myself, but your comment about T.I.'s needing an inpatient psychiatric evaluation really tickled me. Imagine getting an accurate psychiatric evaluation in a mental...
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    Re: Voice-to-Skull Via Lasers

    Everything is already weaponized, even caring about other people.[/QUOTE]

    I gave your post a lot of consideration and you are right. Empathy and compassion have been weaponized and turned into a...
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    Omaha Nebraska is very much like Elk Grove and Galt, California: A pedophile dream come true utopia. Came one, came all. Full pedophile infiltration throughout the infrastructure....anywhere where a...
  5. Re: Understanding UN population Migration Agenda

    When ICD-10 medical coding was to be implemented which included even greater details (specificity) of who, what, where, when type of data details of inpatient and outpatient diseases, illnesses, and...
  6. Re: George Soros' Demographic Replacement of the West

    All that is needed is the customary taking of the Census and publishing of the Census data. Westerners will make informed, educated, and sensible decisions for themselves. Westerners have been making...
  7. Thread: Brain Damage

    by Molly4US

    Re: Brain Damage

    Hi Omni,
    I too have been harmed to my brain hundreds of times by perps who stalk me and tase my head for any purpose that they desire. In addition, they have beaten and shaken me in the head maybe...
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    Re: Autobiography of Phillip Walker

    I believe you Omni.
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    Re: Framing I have Endured

    I have been framed too. For so much, it is ominous. It is a terrible burden for me. As I try to resolve it, I only find how large the network who framed me is, and how many have been fooled into...
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    Re: Framing I have Endured

    Dear Omni,
    I am sorry that you are having a hard time lately. You have delineated in very detailed lists how these perps use their technology to make us fear our own thoughts, as we can overhear the...
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    The already millions of incompatible culture/religion who have immigrated to the U.S., breeding, bringing larger numbers, plus their coercive...
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    When the Cold War/Axis of Evil would sporadically infiltrate the CIA, they would launch horrific black projects. These pandoras boxes are left to be opened as propaganda against the decency of the...
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    Re: My experience as a targeted individual

    The targeter perps who attack me have stolen eggs, embryos, pre-term fetuses, and newborns from me, and have performed unwanted abortions and miscarriages upon me. I have only just remembered most of...
  14. Re: Enlightenment Imperative; Yearly Celebration of Ashura

    Very creepy ways in which another culture incorporates blood sacrifices in ways which help groom their children to...
  15. Re: Enlightenment Imperative; Yearly Celebration of Ashura
  16. Re: Keeping a Job While Being a Targeted Individual?

    Yes, one grandfather at age 3 by use of repeated taser to head over a period of months or years with a final repeated blast to his heart, ruled heart-attack. His wife, one of my grandmothers from...
  17. Re: Enlightenment Imperative; Yearly Celebration of Ashura
    In 2018, Ashura...
  18. Re: Enlightenment Imperative; Yearly Celebration of Ashura

    Sweden attempts to educate immigrants by publishing a sex education handbook, but this only addressed one part...
  19. Re: Enlightenment Imperative; Yearly Celebration of Ashura

    Cultural norm differences which are important to know as we...
  20. Re: Enlightenment Imperative; Yearly Celebration of Ashura

    New forms of cultural symbolisms which are of concern:
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