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    As a former senior Govt official having been invited to come and meet ETs, knowing the earth shattering significance of this would have wanted to record, video or have taken notes etc and had them...
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    Upon reflection - a somewhat emphatic sharing of an experience in a very public and high profile location, yet no tangible "evidence" only her testimony. Here's hoping her next press conference has...
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    I think Dr. Travis Taylor (of skin walker ranch fame) and our very own Bill Ryan should be on that team to meet the "beings" :)
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    Interesting, but I think Simon Parkes claimed his experiences, visitations and dialogues were with "mantis" beings? Does A˝jali 's claims go any way to validate any of his claims? (Maybe there are...
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    Re: The magic of ancient standing stones

    Interesting article on 7 of the most enchanting stone circles in Scotland...

    but the Clava Cairns not mentioned in that...
  6. Why do Billionaires borrow more to become even more wealthier...?

    Good question. According to take Elon Musk for example...

    "In 2019, he took out $61 million in mortgages on five properties he owned in California. About that time he also had...
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    North of Scotland "Event"

    A psychic friend advised me today of an imminent "event" either major floods or fire in the North of Scotland and will have much media coverage. she's not one for making such general statements or...
  8. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Hi Bill

    here you go -

    1. Have you got evidence of & have you visited any interdimensional portals/star gates here on Earth?
    2. What is the most "haunted" location you have visited?
    3. I...
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    Re: Planting seeds.... ?

    Another war coming...?

    We've had the war on famine & hunger, drugs, terrorism, Binladen, Al Qaeda, covid...

    ...what's next? An Invasion of Alients?

    Maybe we need to go back and really...
  10. Re: When will the mainstream admit Biden is not fit to be in office?

    Eee me.


    Should we genuinely be concerned about his mental health...?
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    Planting seeds.... ?

    Aye aye, look's what's coming. Will life imitate art..?


    Hmmm., A new Script. hidden in plain sight..? :)
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    Re: Help Save Supplements from Big Pharma

    We are starved of plant derived colloidal based vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

    Many supplements are tablets, caplets, capsules and kalated, heavily regulated as it is by EU directives,...
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    Re: George Knapp & "The Summoners"

    whether its looking up at the sky following ce-5 protocols, staring down to a table with a ouija board, standing in a pentagram or staring at a mirror at midnight, I suspect your own beliefs,...
  14. Is Trump about to be voted back in...? Truth or Myth?

    Wot u make of this...?

    A so-called 'Trump card' was handed out by a conservative group at CPAC detailing...
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    Re: Do you think there is a hell dimension....

    some would argue that there is a hell dimension we goto when we are alive.

    If, according to some, that we and everything on earth is a holographic projection, and if on occasion when fear, guilt...
  16. Trump files class action against BIG TECH. Will he win...?

    Trump launched legal battle against social media giants at his Bedminster club
    He demanded punitive damages...
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    Re: David - They're laughing WITH you!

    his book - The Biggest Secret was a turning point for me back in 2000. It got me on an incredible journey to being introduced to many people such Jordan Maxwell, billy Meiier, Whitely, Daniel Fry,...
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    Re: The "Allies of Humanity" Briefings

    it was featured on a video ad in a kevin moore channelling vid on YT. Away for a look - thnx
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    Re: The "Allies of Humanity" Briefings

    Anyone know where I can get a PDF copy of "The Allies of Humanity", and if you've read it, what was your take on it all?

  20. Re: UAP Disclosure comments, opinions and other material

    You have to scratch your head...

    More detailed, accurate specificity, yet at the same time pulling the lense back for greater ambiguity....

    What do I mean...?

    The video clips are getting...
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