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    Re: Thoughts upon intuition and what is a Thought

    The Observer is that which knows. Intuitive comms are instantaneous. No doubt an intuition, an understanding, a knowing has occurred. The best intuitive implants change our precious paradigm.
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    The depopulation agenda goes way back. At least to the time of Margaret Sanger. The Rockefeller Foundation has put big money into eugenics research since before WWII. After WWII the foundation...
  3. Re: Where do you get your information about world events?

    Just the News
    F William Engdahl
    Giza Death Star

    The AllSides Media Bias Chart is WAY OFF!
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    Re: The BDAnon post archive

    The depth and breadth of the steal indicates how many groups are in on the corruption. People are certainly declaring sides openly now.
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    Re: A Dystopian Future? Richard Dolan's view

    These are unethical people we are dealing with here. They have no ethics or morals. Many seers view the next 7 years with trepidation. Satan is loose on the planet. And, as usual, black magic will...
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    Re: The BDAnon post archive

    Takeaways from BD:
    1. Parts of the dam are not grounded to bedrock.
    2. The dam is sitting on limestone caverns. No wonder it is not fixed to bedrock.
    3. The ground under the dam is so saturated...
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    Re: The BDAnon post archive

    The USA, by using HAARP and/or satellite based weapons, can start storms and hurricanes, can make them stronger or weaker, can direct the path of said hurricane, and can make the hurricane stop its...
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    Re: What's the 2020 October Surprise?

    This info is about as far out on the twig as one can get. The man is in intelligence and has a Russian friend. He has lots to say on future events. Scroll down and he gets into the Three Gorges dam....
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    Re: The Political Compass

    Re the poll question: as if there were a difference.
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    Re: Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI

    "Bout time. Two things I have read:

    1. Gislane has put together a poison pill so that if she dies unexpectedly all she knows will be released.

    2. Berman had to be fired for this to happen. He...
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    Re: The Knowing Racism of the US Federal Reserve

    The Federal Reserve and all other central banks were created by the Rothschilds for their benefit and the benefit of other rich bankers. Using central banks, the rich never lose. All losses are on...
  12. Re: The planned takedown of America: now (June 2020) in full swing.

    Another thought along these lines. The PTB has for many years now implemented policies that tell us they can treat us any way they wish and we cannot do anything about it. Airport screenings, police...
  13. Re: The planned takedown of America: now (June 2020) in full swing.

    It looks like the PTB (Rothschilds et all) are trying to fully implement the 16 year plan before the November election. The ultimate goal is to have the ability to control everyone. Hence the big...
  14. Thread: Magic of Trees

    by enigma3

    Re: Magic of Trees

    If you have occasion to visit California a stop at Yosemite and the Armstrong Redwoods is well worth your time. Of course Yosemite is one of the must sees, but not for all its rock formations. In...
  15. Re: The death of George Floyd in police hands, Minneapolis, 25 May 2020

    Some points to consider:
    1. We as a people have a hard time getting rid of the bad apples. Chauvin had many complaints and no repercussions.
    2. Major city police forces are now trained by the...
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    Re: The Qanon posts, and associated US political analysis

    Norman, the most important paragraph in your post may be Joe Rogan moving away from YT to Spotify. That is a biggie of biggies. Huge. The pushback against big tech, in this case YT and Google, has...
  17. Re: Imagine A Real "Sanctuary Country" for Millions of Conspiracy Researchers!

    If there is any country that meets those standards it would be Bhutan or Sikkim. Places within countries exist. The peoples who live on the west side of the Gobi and hunt with golden eagles would...
  18. Re: Ever Wonder Why, Bill Clinton Has Not Been Investigated For His 26 Lolita Express Trips?

    From the Q drops it appears that the Barr DOJ (Durham) is going after the Clintons through the nefarious activities of the Clinton Foundation. That is the most provable angle. No doubt the plane...
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    Re: The Qanon posts, and associated US political analysis

    Two posts for today. First one involves Mel Gibson. Not exactly well liked but he has had a lot of time to ruminate on his past. And he knows much about how Hollywood functions. This article may get...
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    Re: Gary Larson (The Far Side) - Legend.

    I miss his cartoons and his unique perspective. Supposedly he is now drawing new comics for view by subscription only. Anyone heard of this?
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