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    Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    They all appear to leave us squashed flat under the marching boot of top-down brutality.
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    Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    Anyone who voted for Biden and Camala, et al, is not a thinking mind. Analysis and observation require a mind. My solution for our current problems would be: Put all those Haitians on military...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    1. Reported above is at least one fraudulently setup organization distributing purposefully misleading information published abroad, as well as what I believe to have been strategically selected and...
  4. Re: Supposed leaked document from Liberal party of Canada (Trudeau) outlining future plans for Canda (and the world)

    NAZI, NWO PLANNED TRAP TO CANCEL THEIR DEBT TO US AND THEFT FROM US: This entire Plandemic, We Will Take All From You and You Will Be Happy Crap is to keep their Already Theft of Everything from Us...
  5. Re: Russian Documentary: The Birth of the Universe: Theories and Hypotheses

    Again, I repeat that creation, as we call it, is the province of Metaphysics and not Physics which is starting at the tail end of a story, working back on which may lead into infinite extrapolations...
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    I listened to the first video which was absolutely beautiful and then read the lyrics. The arrangements were superb and the words heart wrenching. If you have lived, experienced life, the hoped for...
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    My answer to Daniel Schmactenberger is, he is starting at the wrong end of creation. It is MIND of the creator, be it AI or some other, that orders and arranges the structure of the creation that...
  8. Re: Where's Durham??? A continuing painting series

    Beautifully done Doug.
  9. Re: All politicians are lying to us. Not a single government tells the truth. See what a chief scientist from Pfizer has to say

    The subject above has morphed to corruption in government and is being blamed on human frailty to move in the same direction when surrounded by forces that are all created to do just that. The blame...
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    Re: Telegram - the uncensored 'Facebook'

    Here on Avalon, "Delight" had posted a video of David Knight(?), if I remember the name correctly. I found him accidentally on Bitchute tonight. He is a straight shooter and revealed some things I...
  11. Re: The Money Masters; Crises of war, plague and hunger; Total central real-time control of all money.

    Please someone who is on Project Camelot New Website/videos go to this video "Kimberly Ann Go Guen, * Council, Trump and Who Runs the World." This videos has finally answered my question about What...
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    Re: What will become of our clean Blood Supply?

    To Doug (Birthday Boy). Find a reputable Blood Storage Bank Now and save many pints of your own blood for yourself. Do not have them put the blood type on the label, only your name etc., or you may...
  13. Re: "Tartaria, 150 years later." Stretching reality a little thin? Pervading the alt-webs now

    Reading the above about the Tartars and their system of ERADICATING populations by infiltrating them, taking over financial and other leadership positions and eventually KILLING OFF THE POPULATION BY...
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    Re: Covid passports? It's get real time

    There is an EXCELLENT VIDEO analysis done by Alex Jones, Infowars, on Bitchutte,
    "Secret Vaccine Ingredients Leaked by High Level Whistle Blower." Shows electron microscopic photos of...
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    Re: Covid passports? It's get real time

    Answer to Arkanthos 123 re getting up a petition signing to Congress about the Vaccine Passports: I was recently shocked to read that the Congress passed a law that the Cancer Disease created by...
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    Re: The HBO show White Lotus, and my realization.

    A hug and a kiss for Doug; he has moved from doing naughty things to little animals to being a saintly philosopher. We love him for it because we share his conclusion. However, my temper control...
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    Re: Covid passports? It's get real time

    Somewhere, perhaps on, I found a headline post indicating that the US Military will be forced to accept these BOGUS VACCINES which are really DEATH JABS. OUR MILITARY will then be among...
  18. Re: Petitions vs Prayers and the Stressful Times we Live in

    If all living are given the choice of either good or evil, then why would God intervene with Love to a spirit that chooses to be Evil? Do you really believe that the Love of a human can alter the...
  19. Thread: Garden of Eden

    by amor

    Re: Garden of Eden

    I have read comments here and there about the original story being different. There are stories about Adam and some other female creation who was regarded by the story as not good in some way. ...
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    Re: What's Up With The Guests?

    Perhaps the spying apparatus of the usa and others are taking down our names and comments. If we are considered one of the more thoughtful sites on the internet, it is quite possible. Also, the...
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