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  1. Re: Can our Soul detach from our Physical body? - Gigi Young

    In answer to the question "Can our Soul detach from our Physical body?", yes, it absolutely can.
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    Re: Are these documents real?

    I totally doubt it's genuine. There are many syntax errors that strongly suggest that the writer wasn't a native English speaker. This wouldn't even have been written by a smart English-speaking high...
  3. Re: The UAP Task Force: heating up to some kind of 'disclosure'

    In a two hour livestream published yesterday, Walter Bosley addresses the threat narrative. As he suggests right up front, start in at 8:55 to skip over the intro and welcomes to folks on the live...
  4. Re: The Global Financial System Explained, Kim Goguen, LifeForce, & the Assemblies

    To add a little interesting context: this is Shane the Ruiner (Shane Bales) though here he seems to be calling himself Shane Sedore.

    There are a couple of Avalon threads discussing Shane and his...
  5. Re: John Moore Correlates Pole Shift Info He Has Gleaned From Multiple Millitary Sources

    Bumping this thread with Mike Adams' new interview with John Moore, published yesterday.

    I don't necessarily endorse Moore's views, because nothing he's been saying for years has come to pass yet....
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    Re: Food shortages are unavoidable now.

    More from Christian Westbrook, the Ice Age Farmer. Many nations are thinking they'll soon solve their production problems by importing grain from the US. But that's not going to be possible, either....
  7. Re: When will the mainstream admit Biden is not fit to be in office?

    Here's an imaginary transcript of a possible future event, the momentous tipping point in the history of the entire human race when the US President announces at last that we're not alone in the...
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    Re: The 'Great Reset'

    I'd been unaware of this lineage, sent to me by a kind Avalon guest. (Is this accurate?)
  9. Thread: a Chauffe!

    by Bill Ryan

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    Re: Avoiding the Experimental Vaccine

    Wow. :flower: There are definitely personality changes sometimes or maybe often. A reminder about this thread:

    Personality changes in vaxxed people

    In his new video published yesterday,...
  11. Thread: % Vaccinated

    by Bill Ryan

    Re: % Vaccinated

    Attorney Thomas Renz, in his new interview with Mike Adams published yesterday, says at 28:00 that he and the scientists working with him haven't been able to find any evidence that the percentage...
  12. Thread: Fauci

    by Bill Ryan

    Re: Fauci

    In the second half of this excellent new video, Chris Martenson takes Fauci to task, and then some. Start in at 20:05 for full value.

    (The first half is about Australia, posted separately here....
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    Re: Extreme Covid measures in Australia

    In his latest video, less than 12 hours old, Chris Martenson uses Australia as a case history for the first 20 minutes or so to make a bunch of strong, clear points. Excellent and intelligent as...
  14. Thread: Farewell?

    by Bill Ryan

    Re: Farewell?

    Tom, Hi there: :sun: We're all anxious to hear anything new that you may have learned yesterday.

    Just a couple of points here. I'm speaking practically with my left brain here, and I hope you may...
  15. Re: Crazy China! Forty People Broke into the 4th Branch of Our Community Without Any Lawful Documents!

    Welcome!! :sun: :flower: heart: :flower: :sun:

    We'd all love to hear from you what life is like in China right now. Is there anything that you feel you can share that would be useful to help us...
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    Re: Graphene in the 'vaccines'


    Here's the patent which features the application of graphene oxide. (Not the Moderna patent, but the original Chinese one.) The text below is a formal English translation. The formatting was...
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    Re: Graphene in the 'vaccines'

    This was interesting from an organization that promotes graphene. (This isn't an alt media article)

  18. Re: Introducing Carolyn Morgan, new Avalon member and Medium extraordinaire

    Here's the next episode, in two parts: (the total being quite long, and also having two distinct sections) :sun:
  19. Re: UN international zone in Utah? [PS: FAKE NEWS, this was 2019]

    Thanks. Yes, there was a UN conference in Salt Lake City in August 2019.
  20. UN international zone in Utah? [PS: FAKE NEWS, this was 2019]

    I've posted this 3 minute video (which I was sent by a faithful longterm Avalon guest) in this section because I don't know what it means. If someone can explain it, I'll happily move it to a...
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