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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    Last time someone posted something about this data source was in this thread >...
  2. Re: A Dystopian Future: Richard Dolan lays it out

    Thank you Bill for all the key points of his presentation (post #28), I am pretty much in line with his visions, It may be pessimistic but Mr. Dolan is not the only one perceiving it, many of us in...
  3. Re: Films/Movies with uplifting/inspiring/thought-provoking themes, etc. etc.

    Last weekend was going through my old files/backups/archive and I came across this classic Japanese movie, downloaded it long ago but never watched, I don't know why, guess it wasn't that important...
  4. Re: Chris Sky - Life censorship, so it begins

    I got confused with all these guys haha
    Gymstradamus made very good points, I can't deny that, but isn't the same thing we have been discussing here on Avalon all this time since the beggining of...
  5. Re: Chris Sky - Life censorship, so it begins

    Is that the guy who were calling for protests in London? He did a video inside what look like a gym, I think I watched it here on Avalon, but can't remember exactly in what thread it was.
    Anyway, if...
  6. Re: All politicians are lying to us. Not a single government tells the truth. See what a chief scientist from Pfizer has to say

    I like to think in terms of spherical, round, spiraling and don't feel hierarchical is more REAL... it is a construct. It uses a pyramid, a triangle etc. Competition seems true when one is on a...
  7. Re: All politicians are lying to us. Not a single government tells the truth. See what a chief scientist from Pfizer has to say

    I almost could feel his nerves in speaking about it, he is putting his neck to risk in behalf of humankind, even tough he said the government knows who he is and he does hot represent a treat for...
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    Re: Telegram - the uncensored 'Facebook'

    For those concerned with cryptography here is something to keep an eye on, the following table is from 2016 by NIST.
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    Re: Coffee and the Third Eye. Why I quit coffee

    I am a coffee addicted for over 40 years, yes I started drinking coffee when I was a baby, that's was what my father told me when he was still alive. I never ever gave any thoughts about quitting...
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    Re: Please help me to connect

    Try to feel it, have your own experience instead of rely on someone's else experience, it is not supposed to have a light in there all the time, I go to strange places when meditating not always with...
  11. Re: Ivermectin - Why is it banned? - Senator Malcolm Roberts Destroys COVID Vaccine Narrative!


    They use Ivermectin in paste for topic applications in cattle and pigs with small tumors, wounds, blisters, etc.. it is mostly caused by parasites, like insects or those leaches blood...
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    Re: How to discredit the fact checkers?

    almost all the fact checkers are owned by the establishment, if I am not wrong there is a thread about that, I have to check again.


    both threads created by John (Exomatrix)
  13. Re: SURAMIN is an antidote for the vaccine: Dr Judy Mikovits

    both Citric acid and Ascorbic acid are a very common food additive, used as preservatives in food, you should be fine adding Ascorbic acid to the recipe. ENO salt has about 50% of Citric acid, the...
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated

    My kid never took another vaccine again, her last she almost died, all her little cousins are always sick with this and that lots of allergy nearly about anything, my kid has nothing, sometimes a...
  15. Re: Ivermectin - Why is it banned? - Senator Malcolm Roberts Destroys COVID Vaccine Narrative!

    Unfortunately these weirdos in power won't change their mind and more and more gene mutation will be part of daily life (if I can call it life), but anyway we got each other, there is quite a lot of...
  16. Re: Laws to protect human integrity & evolution from electronic & electromagnetic interference & intrusion needed?

    This is exactly what I think is happening... lots of misinterpreting. This thread is getting VERY INTERESTING, lots to think about.... might have to move to a new topic.

    There's also still a...
  17. Re: Lies sold by Authorities affecting Millions of People Health & Safety!

    A bit off-topic

    Tradecraft has been used by the real terrorist groups (government) and also by the labeled ones, but also by hackers and there is a growing number of people getting into...
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    Re: The GIANT 2021

    just another globalist crap attempting to impress people. i pass.
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    Sticky: Re: Interesting Free Books in PDF

    I am reading stand on zanzibar, already 1/4 of the book, so far so good, as a big fan of Sci-Fi I have no idea how this classic passed unnoticed to me.
    @Skywizard posted this thread in 2013, this...
  20. Re: Back to normal in Europe and US: covid is nearly finished

    and what about all the studies done on the serum? some researchers are saying it has Graphene oxide in it, among other nasty stuffs, even if it is not true, then why there is no details saying...
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