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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    nuremberg 2.0 brought to police station in UK. 10 min. she lays it all out
  2. Re: "I can't keep up any more." The world of Future Shock is already here

    Jack said;

    "I enjoy reading PA. I do skip around a lot. I think if someone doesn't make their point right away, I have to move on."

    If we use some brevity, hopefully we make our point and...
  3. Re: Miraculous melting candle face image !! a must see!

    spiral/ would be interested to hear more about that, my email is if you care to write me

    t y
  4. Re: Miraculous melting candle face image !! a must see!

    spiral, thanks im not married to any outcome other than the truth. Im sure it can be done, the question is why would joanna go thru such a task to do so? and be deceptive and try to fool all...
  5. Re: Miraculous melting candle face image !! a must see!

    i was thinking how this could be human made? there are no sculpting marks, other than gentle striations in the hair. the head is proportionate from side below above and straight on. its so smooth...
  6. Re: Bluetooth connectivity of vaccinated people? True or false?

    thats just incredible! i have been reading this for a while from who translate for la quinta labs

    most people cannot believe this!
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    Re: Joseph Farrell has had a heart attack

    i do wish him well. I did make a comment on a recent post about a month back how he seems to be smoking himself into oblivion.

    i make no moralizing or judgement, its everyones game to choose and...
  8. Miraculous melting candle face image !! a must see!

    OK Friends, This is quite something of a mystery. Or quite simply a miracle.

    I know Joanna Summerscales as a FBook friend . She is from the UK and sent me this story and the images. Joanna...
  9. Re: Cameras in Glen Beck's Antiquities Studio shows paranormal events

    it seems to me that glen and company are new to this orb phenomana , these look like orbs many of us are very accustome to and by now dismiss with a slight yawn. My Friend Sandy has some truly...
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    Re: Fire Drills

    great and timely post bill
    i have been going over in my mind some fire drills. since most people take for granted what they have, they cannot forsee not having those things. no ones fault, it just...
  11. Re: Why don't most people change anything in their lives?

    I like questions like this. And all the replies are truthful.

    Open Minded Dude said it. I believe fear is most dominate. Its like why fix it if it ain't broken. Taking a chance to change...
  12. Re: MERRY CHRISTMAS with healing copper frequency!!!

    Thank you!
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    Re: Adelia Petrosyan

    O M G no one ever better!!!!
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    Re: Lockdowns and mental health

    hi joe1964 today as i was driving and approaching a crossstreet in which i had the right of way, a young guy walked right across the road right in the path of my car without turning his head or...
  15. Re: Go visit the veterans, care for them

    majestic people! god bless them. i followed along , I do not speak russian.

  16. Re: Events to Come in the Near Future According to Intel from US and Russian Intelligence Agencies

    viking/ that film illustrated to me how many great special effects films I have missed. obviously the clips were from previous productions and compiled together.

    scary? yes, possible? indeed. ...
  17. Re: Exactly Which Dystopian Novel Are We Living In?

    i would fit in "invasion of the body snatchers" into that great diagram
  18. Re: Liberal or Conservative, what is their meaning today ?

    mike / in total agreement with you. we are truly cut from similar cloth .thanks

    rgray/ yes this democratic party is unrecognizable to me and many others once democrats. JFK would be...
  19. Re: Liberal or Conservative, what is their meaning today ?

    Thanks very much Mark

    and Exo , perhaps you should !!
  20. Liberal or Conservative, what is their meaning today ?

    See definitions below/

    As a person, I have always considered myself a Liberal.  I have always been open minded , tolerant, unprejudiced, broad minded and so on.  All the traits listed in the...
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