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    Re: Why is Bill Gates buying so much farmland?

    In answer to the thread title because he's mentally unhinged, because he can and because he's probably been ordered to by human filth even filthier than himself.

    I loved the recent days long...
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    Re: The Best Broadcast You Listened To Today

    Please feel free to post up any good broadcast or documentary. Especially those that are a breath of fresh air to the standard fare of alternative media news.

    I'm under parasite contrived house...
  3. Re: 'Fleeing the Ship'? (Alex Jones doesn't support Qanon)

    Thank you for posting this John.

    I listened to it in full. He pretty much said most of the things that needed saying. Good on him, somebody needed to.

    In some ways this might become an even...
  4. Re: 'Fleeing the Ship'? (Alex Jones doesn't support Qanon)

    It's true that nothing is ever black and white and all shades of grey exist in between.

    One of the most outstanding interviews I ever watched was Alex Jones with Aaron Russo. If all the sheeple...
  5. Re: 'Fleeing the Ship'? (Alex Jones doesn't support Qanon)

    In Glasgow we don't call it 'Deep State'. We call it 'Deep Anus' because it stinks and people like the 17th letter of alphabet brigade, Alex Jones, Robert Steele and many others like bending us over...
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    Poll: Re: Simon Parkes - Genuine Or Bogus?

    If anybody wants some light relief and a much needed laugh, then try Kev Baker and his broadcast about Robert Steele and 'Deep Anus'. Somebody needed to say it and I was happy Kev finally did.
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    Re: Mystery lights seen over Glasgow sky

    What unusual, engaging photos and they are displaying a phenomenon new to me.

    So cool! A genuine breath of fresh air.

    Thanks for posting them up.
  8. Re: Films/Movies with uplifting/inspiring/thought-provoking themes, etc. etc.

    One By One, the independent 2014 small budget film from first time director Diane Miller and produced by Boiling Frog Films.


    It covers much of the subject matter often discussed on...
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    Re: The Qanon posts, and associated US political analysis

    Live on BBC Radio 4 right now. Laurie Taylor gassing on about how conspiracy theorists are nuts. And the Q stuff gets centre stage,

    If you really want to...
  10. Re: Heads up for UK Chicken/Bird keepers - Bird Flu - must be indoors from Dec 17

    I hear you.

    At this rate our budgies and goldfish too will be carrying deadly viruses before the winter's out!
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    From an old friend in the UK who is a surgeon.


    Just had a surprise “priority COVID 19 update” email from work:

    Online bookings are being offered in next few days for the...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    No offence, but it's a nope on the little more sensitivity thing. I know when I'm being played by filth. Do your thing and cause no harm is fine by me. When the MSM are drumming it in my ears to the...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    Do we think it's going to be hundredth monkey syndrome or bust for humanity getting out of this abominable pickle?

    I personally think the most important changes need to come from grass roots...
  14. Re: Whilst We Are All Distracted By The Coronavirus....

    Sudden, massive pumping and dumping going on in the cryptocurrency market. Mostly centred around XRP.

    Megamoney launderers will like that.

    On a purely technical level most of the speculation...
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    Re: Nano Dust **It's inside all of us*

    I'm quite new to Celeste Solum. This interview today with Davis Icke contains a lot of important information and I'll need a while to research it and let it filter through.

    What is highly...
  16. Re: Harry Styles Does Vogue Photoshoot Wearing Dresses

    Well, if he's been passed around certain circles like a bowl of M and Ms and told to put on a dress for his next 'pay rise', then he wouldn't be the first.
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    Re: The Best Broadcast You Listened To Today

    Just about my last ever listen to PooTube and Jason's coming up smelling of roses again, gratitude to him.

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    Re: Start of a New Era: Jupiter and Saturn

    Thanks for the thread and it was good to read all the posts too.

    I've posted on other threads that the night skies are particularly energetic recently. Lots of activity, changes and dynamism to be...
  19. Re: Have you ever seen or felt the presence of the dead?

    I am experienced with the presence of the dead when they guide and message me with small white fluffy feathers. These feathers wait for me in unmistakable locations. Sometimes they even fall from the...
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    Re: The Great Quotes thread

    Charlie Robinson's delivery close to his effortless best.

    "China is an interesting place, to say the least. In less than half a century the country was transformed from mostly farmland in to the...
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