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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    I have been expecting the U.K situation to really ramp up after summer, once the population has had a taste of sunshine, beer and normal freedoms: Autumn lock down and more 'variants' using the usual...
  2. Re: The incredible letter of Gerald Light 1954 on the Etherians

    Pretty amazing materials, this tallies with the Brooking Institute's report which Bob Dean also referred to, along with Col. Philip Corso - that people would panic and lose the will to keep living if...
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    Re: They Already Told Us the Plan

    Well this is just uncanny, virtually the same viral profile, Corona/SARS - but the anti-malarial Chloroquine, and the scepticism; outstanding.
  4. Re: Dr Mike Yeadon's Heartfelt speech on Highwire, June 10 2021

    I posted a link to this interview on Highwire yesterday, it really is his most passionate, and heartfelt speech to date, he is now totally convinced of the malicious nature of the entire response,...
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    Re: Welcome back Paul!!!!!!!!!!

    I must have missed seeing any posts from this obviously esteemed member: anyway, welcome back Mr Paul
  6. Re: Symbolism Communication - decoding hidden communication within the mainstream media

    I didn't know there was a term for that mindset and had to look it up*, but Apophenia is such a great description for Symbolcomms. Give this person a book of nursery rhymes and the ingredients of a...
  7. Re: Dr Bill Deagle's 2008 vision of a nuke attack on a US city

    I certainly don't wish to add to the alarm and anxiety which is already through the roof for some people: I did experience a dream in recent months that depicted a nuclear attack, it was so...
  8. Re: What's Up with the Planets? with Barbara Hand Clow

    I was always deeply sceptical of Astrology in my youth, I just could not account for it, the patterns of the stars, the influence of planets, the mythologies.
    It was Arthur Young who convinced me...
  9. Re: Erich von Daniken ..The end of the Mayan calendar.. the return of the "Gods"

    Just as a thought, the dating conventions we use today are based on the Christian academic tradition-B.C, and A.D -these events would have had zero meaning over 5,000 years ago, they could not have...
  10. Re: Why you cannot convince your friends of the truth and what to do about it

    So, sadly true Libico! It does not help our cause that many of the videos, and written materials demand a level of attention, and academic skills to fully engage with either: so many lack even a...
  11. Re: Why you cannot convince your friends of the truth and what to do about it

    An excellent analysis Syrwong! The reasons you list are definitely in play here, the flooding of information so that 'discernment' becomes impossible; all you have to do is rope off an 'official...
  12. Re: Pooling resources and knowledge: An alternative escape. UK.

    This has been on my mind a lot recently, the idea of a remote-ish community in a characterful location, where people can contribute their life-skills and trades/professional chops e.t.c
    There are an...
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    Re: Multiple major websites down 8 June, 2021

    While all of these items are indeed manifestations of the Inter-Networked information system, and Web culture, consider what else has been enabled from the invention of the World Wide Web which...
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    Re: Catherine Austin Fitts: all things Fitts

    Dr. Tenpennny says at 13:20, According to SAGE, the UK's CDC, this fall when the 3rd wave of covid hits, 60 to 70% of those who've had 2 shots will be hospitalized or die!

    I'm hoping that the...
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    Re: Catherine Austin Fitts: all things Fitts

    I recall when the Japanese Tsunami hit there was talk of a major geological act of sabotage using powerful nuclear charges to initiate the slip - but really this was never confirmed, plus the...
  16. Re: Osteoporosis induced by anorexia - help

    How distressing for you, I know of quite a few young ladies who choose this behaviour because my best friend and long time companion is a psychiatric nurse - and we know, don't we, that it is the...
  17. Re: All about SARS-CoV-2 asymptomatic transmission

    Mike Yeadon once again offering an indisputably rational and informed critique! I like this man enormously.
  18. Re: All about SARS-CoV-2 asymptomatic transmission

    It is curious that this feature of SARS-Cov2 is the only epidemic (to coin their phrase) where asymptomatic infection 'danger' has been emphasised, in fact they stressed this right out of the...
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    Re: The revolution is coming

    I think you have struck 'the chord' with this post, God surely exists but we have been sorely deceived with human fictions and the quest for political power: for this is what religion ultimately is...
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    Re: Covid19: Global reports, news and updates

    Another good doctor has been speaking about this plan to eventually 'vaccinate' infant babies, he is also very angry and deeply affected. He has been systematically 'cancelled' as a scientist and a...
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