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    Re: There's the "Woke", and the "In The Know"

    Yes. Its important to note that those in group 2 are very careful to distinguish what they are 99-100% sure about (aware), 90-98% sure (lots and lots of research and/or experience that pushes them...
  2. Re: One EVIL edition of the King James Bible

    Well the scam is to get us to focus on half of the paradox/duality. God is the ALL. From the unity/godhead perspective, there is no suffering cuz no separation. Being in that state is the...
  3. Re: Dark Journalist/ The Mellon family / Chris Mellon and the false ET agenda

    I think a med bed would work when one is say 50 or 75 years old with some life left. IT would repair many kinds of ailments but not all.

    I agree with Juan Matus that life is given thru the 2nd...
  4. Re: Math has a "Fatal Flaw" (Godel's Incompleteness Theorem)

    But not very clearly! :P :)[/QUOTE]

    yeah, not very clearly and he could have done that in 20 seconds as well.. more clearly...:highfive:[/QUOTE]For anyone touching on this thread who's...
  5. Re: Math has a

    Those dont just seem logical to me, they are very logical. Once you understand holographics/fractals, then its not only logical but nothing else makes any sense. So, what seems logical all depends...
  6. Re: The Truth - Those Who Accept the Truth & Those Who Reject It

    Well Free Thinker, before we get all full of ourselves that we know "the truth", and to then start tending to matters of how to deal with those who don't know "the truth", can we at least first...
  7. Re: The Truth - Those Who Accept the Truth & Those Who Reject It

    Perhaps some entities are moving up from the animal kingdom or something like that. Their first lives are quiet confused and ignorant and are like one of these naive innocent people with no higher...
  8. Re: Dark Journalist/ The Mellon family / Chris Mellon and the false ET agenda

    Except for anyone who is ignorant enough to "clean the clock" of children (since we are definitely not mature), is not that powerful in the big picture. So, their clock can be cleaned too. There is...
  9. Re: Nemesis, Tyche, Nibiru, Planet X, Brown Dwarf & Binary System: Myths & Realities

    So, I havent read this thread since I don't really believe in the interpretations. However, I just came across an interpretation that makes the most sense to me that I never thought of. There is a...
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    Re: English homework

    I suppose English has to be flexible or is becoming more-so due to becoming a global language. For example, in asia its slightly annoying how they spell some of their names and such. Yes, we can...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    same difference...? :)

    If the Covid Injection kills millions / billions of people over a certain age and over a period of years by destroying their natural immune system... then controls the...
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    Which is why they are getting close to not needing capitalism. Culling the herd right on time for the rise of automation? They probably got automated factories that can make almost anything in...
  13. Re: Have you ever seen or felt the presence of the dead?

    I have never seen a person who has passed on, but I see or feel shadow beings during sleep paralysis or similar etheric states, where im in an etheric version of my home.
  14. Re: Have you ever seen or felt the presence of the dead?

    So, if most don't change much after crossing to the other side, then those people are still going to be quite ignorant or unaware, except for the fact that they are now aware that death isn't real. ...
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    Re: Any Other Good Alt Forums Out There?

    Here is the problem. Yes, there are plenty of ridiculous stories and views in the alternate community. However, the truth IS just as ridiculous and probably more ridiculous and unbelievable than...
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    Re: Look Who's Coming to the Rescue! Bill Gates...

    It appears that way. Look at this planned MSM release throwing him under the bus. But, how is that not super dangerous to the plan. Sacrificing him as a pedo , pervert , etc. seems that would...
  17. Re: Adrenochrome Paper Trail - Data Dump (2020)

    For sure. Its basically speed. speed up your life (overclock the cpu) and shorten the lifespan.
  18. Re: Have you seen David Wilcock's latest update...?

    This is a one minute video that Bill added on the "David, the con artist" thread.

    David Wilcock Admits His Work is B.S. to Corey Goode[/quote]
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    Re: The Depopulation Plan

    yep, there are saner ways to control the population by reasoning with people and offering benefits. Which means, this is really about CONTROLLING the population. We need a lot of people to innovate...
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    Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    I have no political affiliation and hated politics my whole life. this is how I lean by just analyzing the data. Sorry to bring up Trump so much but im trying to contrast with Biden to make some...
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