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  1. Thread: Farewell?

    by Michi

    Re: Farewell?

    Hi TomKat
    I am happy to hear that your life was fulfilling sofar and I am certain that you are making sure, your future will be as well.
    Whatever you decide - I wish you a thrilling ride into your...
  2. Re: Who can predict Post Alien UFO Disclosure Economics trends? ... anyone?

    First answer that came to my mind was Clif High "Woo" videos, since a while on BitChute

    Clif is a specialist in long-term and short-therm predictions thru language.
  3. Re: Imagine this: What questions would you ask a wise, benevolent ET?

    I start off with the 1st question:

    How can I practically and effectively take full responsibility for anybody else?
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    Clif got also ****ed by YT and moved over to bitchute.
    I couldn't at first locate his channel, then emailed Clif and he promptly replied with the following link:...
  5. Re: There may be three different kinds of people on Planet Earth

    Bill - this is a great subject!

    Actually in regards to group 3 there is an interesting viewpoint to this which Shiva and Jonathan (Matrixxer) share. Both are practicing a type of meditation of...
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    Re: What is Project Avalon to you?

    For me PA is a unique place where things are really scrutinized in detail. Several times I got more data on something which changed my views. Also I learned about individuals, who also take no sh*t,...
  7. Re: What Happens After You Die And Before You Reincarnate - Between Lives

    I don't subscribe to the "went to earth to grow"-meme as it is soooo utterly illogic.
    If you went here for that reason - then I am sure you found the worst option.
    How could one ever to expect to...
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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    Israel is very bad off indeed and per latest video of Joseph P. Farrell, Pfizer did some deal with Israel and offering it's vaccines also to south-american countries in return for those countries...
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    Whoever is into the inner workings of UFOs and/or anti-gravity vehicles, this new YT video from Clif is for you:


    Clif proposes means to get "off the ground". YES!
  10. Thread: All About Cancer

    by Michi

    Re: All About Cancer

    Clif (who cured his colon cancer) just made a YT video covering the optimum ingredients to address cancer.


    Fenben (dissolved for humans)
    D3+K2 (optimal amount for...
  11. Thread: Old computers

    by Michi

    Re: Old computers

    I don't have any old machine lying around but I grew up amidst the computer evolution.
    A few years ago I succeeded to install and run Windows 3.11 inside a virtual machine (Virtualbox) and it worked...
  12. Re: Is anyone else considering moving to another country to somewhere freer of covid measures?

    Tip: Best way to provide a web link is by using the Planet icon with the chain link.
    The above link directs to a free ebook download.
    I catched it for you and here it is:...
  13. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    One can even now buy Sushi :happythumbsup:
    (... waiting for Hamburger ...)

    ... or Döner


  14. Re: Is anyone else considering moving to another country to somewhere freer of covid measures?

    I am considering to move to Paraguay - namely to El Paraiso Verde.
    It's a community of spiritual minded - non-religious people, mostly of German/Austrian/Swiss origin but also other nationalities...
  15. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    BTC and HBAR and BNB and ETH and XLM and XMR and possibly other cryptos made quite a dip around 15:00 (CET) my time and recovering slowly.
    Anyone around here, who knows what happened.
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    Re: Any Thoughts On What Happens Next?

    What's OWO?
  17. Re: Dr Lee Merritt: The vaccine is preparing the world for a mass death event

    Clif just made a very detailed video about all the workings of the virus and the vaccine:

    ... but Dr. Lee Merritt explained it even better ...
  18. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    Being the case that many mega corporations are supporting hbar is a big red flag.
    It sounded so great at the outset but has been subverted/hijacked by the filthy rich.
    Below a review conclusion:...
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    Re: Files hidden in the Vatican library

    Since I have a Linux machine, I just downloaded the .doc file and run it thru an on-line doc to pdf converter.
    In this way I didn't need to open the Word file.
    I post here the result.
  20. Paraiso Verde - A self sustaining colony in the making

    I have come to learn about a fairly new project with the name Paraiso Verde.

    It is a settlement with a total size of 1597 hectares that are being developed with lakes, canals, settlements, and...
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