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  1. Tennessee, Governmental Child Trafficking?

    This is an intriguing story of flights of children in their early teens arriving at Wilson Air Centre at night, and being taken away by buses. Does anyone know what's happening?
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    Re: The British Comedy Thread

    You can't go past Fawlty Towers for those 'Cringe in your seats' moments. My fave skit was about the horse 'Dragonfly'. Remember? :bigsmile:

  3. Re: James Rink Interviews Me on Super Soldier Talk

    I have also been on Patriot Dave! Dave is a lovely guy, very down to earth and informed. We go over similar territory to what was covered with James Rink, and I do warn that the Andromedan Council...
  4. Re: James Rink Interviews Me on Super Soldier Talk

    Hi oz! We count Tony Rodrigues as a personal friend. We flew him out to both of our Star Family Conferences, and my wife was messaging him earlier this evening. We fully believe Tony to be truthful...
  5. James Rink Interviews Me on Super Soldier Talk

    I know many of you are critical of the whole Secret Space Program scenario and I agree that many, such as CG and others, have cast a very distrustful facade on the whole SSP field. That being said,...
  6. Re: Have you found parts of Project Avalon copied elsewhere?

    It reminds me of my underwater photography days. We would post on many public forums, and sometimes found our work replicated in the most unusual of places. One fellow uw photographer walked into a...
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    Re: Name Three Good Things About Yourself

    1. I care. I just want everyone to be happy, to live in a world of peace, harmony, truth and abundance. I want this with all my heart.
    2. I know. i know that the global transformation will happen,...
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    So. If Barak and Michael are both men, where did the children come from? Enter stage right their long time best friends and supporters, Martin Nesbitt and Anita Blanchard. I know who Sasha and Malia...
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    This is a good website that goes into the analysis a bit more. One of the points they raise is that dentition is often used to identify dead people, and the comparison of Michael and Michelle's...
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    This has been in their playbook for decades. Let's have a look at a couple of other transgenders at the height of power in certain countries. Jacinta Ardern is a swinging in the breeze.
  11. Re: Cryptocurrency: which alt-coins are the globalist corporations backing and why?

    We know a woman who is very high up in the banking industry. She is at a level where she works for all the big banks here in Australia. She has stated to us that there is a New World Order (She used...
  12. Thread: Fauci

    by TelosianEmbrace

    Re: Fauci

    Yes, a Science degree with a zoology major. I became disillusioned because I realised that science was not this objective pursuit of knowledge, but was instead people paying scientists to get the...
  13. Re: Overview Alternative Social Media & Video Platforms 2021 (suggestions welcome!)

    Hi John. It will certainly take a little while for the alternative news sites and social media platforms to shake out. It is a fascinating process watching as places like gab and bitchute rapidly...
  14. Re: The UAP Task Force: heating up to some kind of 'disclosure'

    Full article at[/QUOTE]

    Why didn't they contact someone else who already has...
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    Re: The Shower Cure

    The body is a miraculous thing. Modern science thinks it knows so much about the body and how it works, yet truly it has only touched the surface.

    Love this!
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    Re: Satanic Bloodline practices

    Jessie Czebotar is legit,in my opinion, and her interviews are fascinating. The Mothers of Darkness, from her testimony, meet at the Chateau Des Amerois in Belgium.
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    Re: Weird news stories

    I think this story fits the brief. It does seem oddly comical how this poor man died.
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    Re: The Dirt on Daniel Andrews

    I had a friend come into the shop today, and he's got his ear to the ground. He came forward with a story of Dan Andrews raping the 17 year old granddaughter of Lindsay Fox, and that he suffered a...
  19. Thread: Fauci

    by TelosianEmbrace

    Re: Fauci[/QUOTE]:bump::bump::bump::bump::bump:

    Jeez!!! That's kinda hard to believe. :facepalm:

    The source site asks HOW IS THIS NOT...
  20. Re: Paronychia, an infection of the fingernail

    Some suggestions may be to take oregano oil, apply colloidal silver gel topically, or to take pau d'arco in capsule form.

    We own a health food store, and while we have not had anyone enter the...
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