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    Re: Does karma really exist?


    Does Karma exist?

    If you put your hand into a burning flame, your skin will start to blister.
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    Fair enough Harley and I hope you don't see my post as an attack on you.

    I just get worked up whenever I see this kind of junk from yournewswire or neonettle popping up.

    Just last week I saw a...
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    Websites like yournewswire and neonettle never offer sources in the articles that they produce, which to me is one of many signs that they are not in the game of getting to the truth.

    Many of the...
  4. Re: Spiritual Practices For Becoming Financially Independent / Self Sufficient & Enabled

    Hi arthurwhite and welcome to project avalon.

    Have you ever entertained the idea that there might be an "ivory tower" component to your life- and worldviews that limit your ability to attract...
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    Re: Elite Banker, Ronald Bernard - Interview Pt II

    I agree Satori,

    It's part one that has the real value for us, since it gives us the personal experiences from Ronald Bernard in the hidden world of money laundering where we still don't know much...
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    Re: Trump: The Great American Reset

    I'm watching this talk between Stefan Molyneux and Nicholas J. Fuentes, a young man and supporter of Donald Trump.
    Very interesting talk.
    It really helps me to cement the understanding of what...
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    Re: Breatharian couple claim to live on 'energy'

    Yes, I met a woman some 10 to 12 years ago who was practicing breathenarianism.
    She was (and still is for all I know) a friend of my dad and together with her husband, they did not eat (or only...
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    Re: Elite Banker, Ronald Bernard - Interview Pt II

    Exomatrix actually started his thread with the first part of the interview Paul.
    This thread is part 2 of that same interview.

    1th part is mostly Bernard's own personal experiences in the...
  9. Re: Eyewitness describes 'Strange Signs' in the sky above Jerusalem

    If I simply look at the photo's that the lady showed, then I wouldn't put it beyond natural phenomenon.

    Jet fighters who are practicing a dog fight can create such circular con trails and...
  10. Re: Privileged Dutchman about Child sacrifices, The Occult, Luciferianism etc. [Ronald Bernard, English Subtitles]

    Part 2 of the Dutch high level bankers insider Ronald Bernard is out.

    It's going to be a series of 5.

    In this episode, Ronald Bernard explains the model in which the bankers control the world,...
  11. Re: Dark Journalist - A Six Part Series on The New Age Deep State

    I'm half way into part 4 now and feel compelled to write a little bit about new age, satanism, insight into reality and the battle for control between forces of light and darkness.
    I hope that it...
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    Re: The Truth About 'Refugees'


    Do you think that humanity is ready for this?
    Is it mature and wise enough to live like that?

    I ask these questions, because in order to be able to live in a world without...
  13. Re: Is DynCorp the evil twin of the CIA? Child trafficking, organ harvesting, drugs & gun running and oil.

    It seems that the George Webb Saga has arrived at a climax.
    There's all sorts of things happening at the same time, one of which George Webb disappearing off the radar.
    Another thing is that he...
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    Re: What is this? I want out so bad

    What lead you to this conclusion Dylansdad?

    Personally, I find that among those who are willing to seriously investigate "far fetched" claims, the people on project Avalon (on average) are about...
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    My thoughts exactly Lost N Found and until recently, I've refused for let Goode into the forefront of my mind any longer then nescessary, let alone write posts about him.
    Yet, since Dark Journalist...
  16. Re: Dark Journalist - A Six Part Series on The New Age Deep State

    Also just noticed that those feet aren't bird feet.

    They're goats feet.

    So the baphomet similarities are both in the hands and feet. :facepalm:

    goats feet:...
  17. Re: Dark Journalist - A Six Part Series on The New Age Deep State

    Sather has 3 speaking engagements coming up, so he's sharing stage time with Gram Handcock and the like (assumptions on my part, I don't know the list of attendees, but he did go on stage at CITD &...
  18. Re: Dark Journalist - A Six Part Series on The New Age Deep State

    "Unity in the Community" is just as hollow a phrase in the context that it is used as: "Stronger together" and "Onward together", used by Hillary Clinton.

    They all appeal to the superficial and...
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    Re: 'Flat Earth' Psychological Operations

    Good point Morning Fox, however... If you can remember when this particular theory made it's way into the truther community.. It was all over the place out of nowhere. It went almost viral over...
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    Re: Hello again, a healer is back

    Hi Brent,

    Sorry to hear that you have been through such a difficult time.

    One question that comes to mind in relation to your testimony:
    Have you thought about and found answers to the...
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