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    Re: Covid-19 Treatment and Prevention

    I too have come back for all the information to use for my self. I am pretty sure I have it. I certainly have all the symptoms and I will not be tested. Right now I have the nasal issues, sore...
  2. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?


    I think many people have had enough, others look at Kamala and weigh the two evils.
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    Re: When men were men & women were feminine

    Gosh Mashika, I am so sorry that happened to you. One day I hope you are able to let go of the anger for that one horrid person who entered your life. Then you will be able to open your heart to a...
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    Re: Favorite time travel movies?

    I need to watch more TV I suppose, I have never even heard of most of these! :o
  5. Re: Armageddon: Who will be allowed on the New Jerusalem?

    Congratulations, but I have to plead ignorance. I had no idea that the tri-Deltas were connected with any specific religion? I thought they were into philanthropy and supporting women? Or do you...
  6. Re: Armageddon: Who will be allowed on the New Jerusalem?

    When I was teaching a group of tri-deltas asked me if they could come witness to me. I told them of course, but if they intended to insult me I would make them cry because you cannot insult someone...
  7. Re: Vaxx is creating a HUGE divide among families / friends

    I am feeling this division in my family. My oldest sister told me I am no longer welcome at her house, well until I get the shot, which I will not do. Even after our brother died from the shot.
  8. Re: Armageddon: Who will be allowed on the New Jerusalem?

    It is my understanding....and I could be wrong, that if you ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus, even the Liars, Idolaters etc will get into heaven.
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    Re: Manufactured food shortages?

    I live in Texas and the last time I went to the store I noticed the same thing. I seem to have a time finding sugar. I noticed on the paper goods isle, zip lock type bags. There were very few...
  10. Re: The migration crisis on the US-Mexico border

    It makes me sad that the people from Cuba who really SHOULD be allowed into the US are being told not to come here. If they could get to Mexico, they would be welcomed. Unbelievable.
  11. Re: Have you found parts of Project Avalon copied elsewhere?

    A friend of mine used to go to Starbucks before work every day. He told the girl his name was Marc with a C. On the cup she wrote Cark. He told us all about it at the office and took a picture and...
  12. Re: Video - breaking news: Complete societal collapse in South Africa - rioters being shot dead by armed citizens after police pull-back; looters being **whipped**

    The entire world seems to be tumbling into chaos. I can't help but think this is a very bad sign.
  13. Re: Is Trump about to be voted back in...? Truth or Myth?

    Myth, first it is constitutionally impossible, second, the US is in turmoil now. Imagine what putting Trump back into office would do! Complete chaos. The US needs someone else. Perhaps DeSantis.
  14. Re: This is my prayer to an unseen mostly unknown entity that most people call God or the equivalent... lent...

    A beautiful prayer indeed but as God has given everyone free will I do not think he will intervene. If he did I would want him to strike child abusers down in the most vicious way possible. ...
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    Re: Manufactured food shortages?

    For some reason I can't get sugar! I order it and get a "no stock" notice. I went to town looking for some and there was none on the shelves. I need sugar for my Hummingbirds!
  16. Re: The migration crisis on the US-Mexico border

    They are apprehending 6000 a day. How many more are getting through with no problem. No other country in the world would allow this. I don't understand why people are not outraged.
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    I appreciate what you say Karen but just to clarify - what is behind "makes us as bad as the people we try not to be like"? I certainly get this feeling around this topic, but does that imply that it...
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    No, it doesn't matter if 'she's' a man. I don't care if anyone wants to change gender, that's their choice and that's fine with me.

    What DOES matter is being fake at such a high position in...
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    Re: Predictions for 2021

    It is my feeling that the US will be invaded. In fact, I believe it has already begun from the south. This is the reason the borders are wide open. I have said this before and I will say it...
  20. Re: Blessed or Cursed? - The Power to Choose Blessings Over Curses

    It took me a very long time to get over my anger and distrust of almost everything. One day I realized that I make my path and I was making it hard! It took some time, but I let it all go! I wrote...
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