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    Re: Planting seeds.... ?

    Another war coming...?

    We've had the war on famine & hunger, drugs, terrorism, Binladen, Al Qaeda, covid...

    ...what's next? An Invasion of Alients?

    Maybe we need to go back and really...
  2. Re: When will the mainstream admit Biden is not fit to be in office?

    Eee me.


    Should we genuinely be concerned about his mental health...?
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    Planting seeds.... ?

    Aye aye, look's what's coming. Will life imitate art..?


    Hmmm., A new Script. hidden in plain sight..? :)
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    Re: Help Save Supplements from Big Pharma

    We are starved of plant derived colloidal based vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

    Many supplements are tablets, caplets, capsules and kalated, heavily regulated as it is by EU directives,...
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    Re: George Knapp & "The Summoners"

    whether its looking up at the sky following ce-5 protocols, staring down to a table with a ouija board, standing in a pentagram or staring at a mirror at midnight, I suspect your own beliefs,...
  6. Is Trump about to be voted back in...? Truth or Myth?

    Wot u make of this...?

    A so-called 'Trump card' was handed out by a conservative group at CPAC detailing...
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    Re: Do you think there is a hell dimension....

    some would argue that there is a hell dimension we goto when we are alive.

    If, according to some, that we and everything on earth is a holographic projection, and if on occasion when fear, guilt...
  8. Trump files class action against BIG TECH. Will he win...?

    Trump launched legal battle against social media giants at his Bedminster club
    He demanded punitive damages...
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    Re: David - They're laughing WITH you!

    his book - The Biggest Secret was a turning point for me back in 2000. It got me on an incredible journey to being introduced to many people such Jordan Maxwell, billy Meiier, Whitely, Daniel Fry,...
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    Re: The "Allies of Humanity" Briefings

    it was featured on a video ad in a kevin moore channelling vid on YT. Away for a look - thnx
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    Re: The "Allies of Humanity" Briefings

    Anyone know where I can get a PDF copy of "The Allies of Humanity", and if you've read it, what was your take on it all?

  12. Re: UAP Disclosure comments, opinions and other material

    You have to scratch your head...

    More detailed, accurate specificity, yet at the same time pulling the lense back for greater ambiguity....

    What do I mean...?

    The video clips are getting...
  13. Re: UAP Disclosure comments, opinions and other material

    Is it just me or after the recent spate of Navy videos and others by public figures, it appears the subject of UFOs is going through a re-brand and the pandora lid is coming off the disclosure tin. ...
  14. Re: Have you seen David Wilcock's latest update...?

    For me, he often curates legitimate photos from other sources and adds his fabricated and manufactured spin on it. I feel for many of the researchers and legitimate hard working individuals whose...
  15. Have you seen David Wilcock's latest update...?

    It's here -

    What do you make of it all?

    (as for his Alex Jones impression? Good god! its nearly as bad as his glib remarks and the weird...
  16. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Hi Bill, trust you're well. :) A couple of Qs for you...

    1. Why do you think Biden's daughter is trying to prevent an audit of the arizona results of the recent peresidential election and if not...
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    Re: Steven Greer: DISCLOSURE 2.0 (25 April 2021)

    Are you able to share any of your doubts, reservations or what transpired to make you leave and form the perceptions/conclusions/realisations you now have?
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    Re: The Skinwalker Ranch

    soz, Point taken. :) Was 5' 8" now feeling 2" tall.
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    Re: The Skinwalker Ranch

    It appears to have attracted quite an extraordinary if not legendary reputation for the paranormal activity apparently on its many eerie acres of land (and sky above)

    Anyone got any insights,...
  20. Re: Hilary Clinton scheduled for a military court appearance - Any truth in this?

    Oh oh was sent this today -

    Have some people got too much time on their hands or do some folk really do have blood on their hands?...
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