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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    While I know many who did fine after the shots besides a couple days of soreness or fever, there were some cases of long term complications I have observed over the last month.

    First was my...
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    Re: The "Allies of Humanity" Briefings

    I enjoyed the Allies of Humanity books, though I agree that Marshall Vian Summers seems to be trying to turn it into another quasi religion. I looked through the more in depth practices they...
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    Re: How to AVOID being vaccinated

    I've noticed there are several who have actually recovered from covid previously, but are still getting pressure from their family to get the shots. Here's a more mainstream article you can point to...
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    Re: Personality changes in vaxxed people

    These are my thoughts as well. When a schism happens among friends/family in terms of deeply held beliefs and adherence to customs, there can be stark changes in how people behave and treat one...
  5. Re: Multi National Man Hunt for Belgium Rambo Raises Flags

    While there is some political spin mixed in with the reporting, I wouldn't say sending in 400 troops is unwarranted, for the simple reason that he had rocket launchers. With the proper know how,...
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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    Would've posted it from NYT but it was behind a paywall.

    Heart condition in some young people linked to vaccine
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    Re: Any Other Good Alt Forums Out There?

    It took me years to realize this, but we're pretty much it! Lol

    I know lots of people are interested, but very few are motivated to write and engage the topic in this type of space.

    I really...
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    Re: Any Other Good Alt Forums Out There?

    Although I never joined, only lurked, I liked the forum on Montalk's website back when he was more active.
  9. Re: Why do magnets stick to a vaxxed person's arm at the injection site?

    If there was a nano chip, rather than the magnet sticking to your arm it would be more likely to feel pain from the tiny chip pushing on the blood vessels/fascia from the magnet's pull.
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    The Corky Pig/Covert Power

    He retired from Avalon several years ago, but I still follow Bright Garlick's blog. Awhile back he posted a really interesting analysis on covert projects that caught my eye.

    The Corky Pig
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    Off the grid, simpler living can have its good points (just look at the Amish) but it's bad news when anyone claims they are Christ/Buddha and such. Honestly I'm skeptical of anyone who claims to be...
  12. Re: Men, ejaculating is the single biggest handicap you can give yourself in the game of life

    Mod Note: Closed temporarily pending review.
  13. Re: Supporting others who've had the covid vaccination

    Several weeks out and still doing fine. I should reiterate that I made my choice largely due to my particular career, along with not wanting to put my wife in the poor house. If others' circumstances...
  14. Re: QAnon - An Opposing Viewpoint - LARP, Psyop, Cult or Something Even More Sinister?


    I feel like this needs to be the sole focus when discussing the Q story moving forward. How can something like this be explained away to continue the Q narrative? Ron Watkins slipped big...
  15. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    Taking official numbers at face value for the moment, the reported votes for Biden were around 81m, so taking into account US population it was around 1 in 4 people. It's like that every election...
  16. Re: Can a 'vaccinated' person pass on a jab ingredient to an unvaccinated person?

    No Gracy, you don't know your own body and feelings as well as others, especially those who do unbalanced third eye practices and hang out on Telegram constantly. Your moment of turning into a cyborg...
  17. Re: Biden voters and supporters. How is it going?

    I don't know of too many Biden supporters on here. Might not seem like it from some of my posts, but I actually did vote for Trump in the previous election, not because I considered him a good...
  18. Re: The many side effects of the Covid 'vaccine'

    Not discounting these observations which could be very relevant, but one alternative explanation which occurred to me was that some people haven't driven much here in the UK through the various...
  19. Re: Supporting others who've had the covid vaccination

    On this note I agree with you. Your relatives should not be pushing a rushed new medical procedure on you, especially if your inner intuition suggests it is bad for you, or your job doesn't put you...
  20. Re: Supporting others who've had the covid vaccination

    Chris, none of these shots prevent or minimize covid being passed on to anyone else. They do nothing at all to minimize virus shedding.[/QUOTE]

    I get where you are coming from, as I have been...
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