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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    At 1:16:40 Jay said he was told that synchronicity is your master. If you're seeking things they'll come out for you. The pineal gland is a regulator of aging. He talks about experiments with the...
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    Re: New Brien Foerster videos

    Brien claims the pyramids had an energetic function. I believe the cataclysm theory he has about the area. There appears to have been numerous repair attempts that were only partially finished. This...
  3. Re: Kerry Cassidy's & Project Camelot Interviews

    Several years ago I woke up and my whole body was numb as if I had a system wide injection of Novocain. It lasted for several minutes and inhibited my ability to walk straight. That drug will...
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    Re: What music are you listening to now?
  5. Re: Kerry Cassidy's & Project Camelot Interviews

    Timothy Young claims some of the targeting comes from the Air Force. He was a financial whistleblower. He was in the TAG program as a youth. His problems started in 2005. He said 1.5 million...
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    Re: Beautiful Nature pics

    best milky way photos 2022
  7. Re: The Washington DC Boundary Stones and M42

    If you take the binary version of 42 (101010) and add it together you get 30. Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver then hung himself. Was a suicide program remotely activated? Thirty...
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    This video is about the savant Daniel Tammet. They briefly give an example of others with similar issues and abilities.

    Daniel Tammet
  9. Re: The Washington DC Boundary Stones and M42

    There is the famous 42 number in the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I scrolled through the trivia and found a couple of interesting things.

    Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy summary...
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    In this video there's several accounts of seeing a werewolf like creature in Yosemite. In the first one the smell emitted by it was so strong it made the witness' eyes water.
  11. Re: The Washington DC Boundary Stones and M42

    The pattern repeats in the Manhattan Orion map. I found a PDF on Yahoo that depicts the map clearly. There's actually an Orion building in Manhattan.

    PDF containing clear images of the Manhattan...
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    Re: Incarnation Agreement

    Definitely artificial. At the same time I wouldn't know how to define natural. If the universe is holographic software and we're projections then nothing is really natural.
  13. Re: The Washington DC Boundary Stones and M42

    It looks like designating squares in cities and capitals is in homage to an off-world source.

    List of Super Powers

    1. United States- Times Square New York
    2. China- Tiananmen Square Beijing...
  14. Re: What Supplements Might be Missing from your Health Regimen?

    I had a small bruise on my right bicep and it wasn't healing. I stopped taking my morning vitamins and protein drink and it healed quickly. I'm thinking that whatever they've done is having an...
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    Re: General Eggs!

    The goal is to make it impossible to live resulting in death. I recall a story years ago about the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rounding up wild horses. I thought at the time it was because they...
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    Re: James Rink Book(s) & Videos

    In this mission James aged seven & Preston Nichols who posed as his father were sent back in time to meet general George Washington. There was a woman with them by the name of Beth posing as his...
  17. The Washington DC Boundary Stones and M42

    In 1791 George Washington had forty boundary stones placed to designate the nation's capital in a 10x10 mile square. There's 36 out of 40 remaining today. In Elena Danaan's book "A Gift From The...
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    Incarnation Agreement

    Before we enter physical form on this or another planet do we agree to certain terms? Is it about enhancing ourselves in an unacknowledged ladder of ascension? Does consciously knowing the terms...
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    Re: Manufactured food shortages?

    There's been riots in Sri Lanka due to food prices and some are living off one meal a day. People are beating-up police and burning down politician's homes.
    Food riots in Sri Lanka
  20. Re: Kerry Cassidy's & Project Camelot Interviews

    In this video Kerry said Africa was given to an Aldebaran group. I heard a story over a decade ago that the living POTUS' minus Carter met the Draco/Reptilians and handed Africa over to them. The new...
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