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    Re: How do you see the next 50 years?

    if it continuing "evolving" at this rate we are seeing, in few decades it will be no different than a >>> ZOO <<<
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    Re: Dare to Prepare

    I am quoting myself, it is unbelievable I could not find this book, instead I found something else very interesting and I believe belongs here, "Bushcraft - BushLeather Works" by Ron Edwards.

  3. Re: Desperate plea for help by a targeted individual

    Turn the table, learn their game and go after after them and show your real intentions, I really mean that, do not be afraid, it will make thinks get worse. I am wild and raw in many aspects of life,...
  4. Re: Was the 15 Jan 2022 Hunga Tonga Volcano Eruption Artificially Engineered?

    I did read Krakatoa many years ago and the descriptions of the witnesses does not describe the one in Tonga, a very large eruption send to the air large chunks of extremely hot lava which cool down...
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    Re: Poisoning the Food Supply

    They want everything artificial, these freak people are not happy enough with God's creation, they think they can do better (what a joke). Screw them all and their science and ****. Disgusting. I am...
  6. Re: Huge Volcanic Eruption In The South Pacific Has Just Been Filmed From Space

    Undersea cables were damaged due to the event, there is reports that Tonga people has no communication in the island right now. It was a very large explosion, people heard it as far as Fiji and Nieu...
  7. Thread: Mw 6.0 TONGA

    by palehorse

    Re: Mw 6.0 TONGA

    Yes, they were comparing with the Hiroshima nuclear blast, it is huge actually.
  8. Thread: Mw 6.0 TONGA

    by palehorse

    Re: Mw 6.0 TONGA

    A volcano erupted in Tonga yesterday morning, a warning for tsunami is in place, floods in the capital.
  9. Re: Normalising vaccine side-effects, as if it has always been like this

    These so called authorities, the imbeciles wearing "official" uniforms (slaves of the system) are a bunch of cowards, they will never confront one on one, they always come in group, because they know...
  10. Re: Projects, Permaculture, Homestead, Farmstead and the likes

    Hello everyone, found one more interesting link

    here is their essential guide to understand what it is about:...
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    Re: Forced or mandatory vaccination

    It looks like my own brother as a very high 'official' with the Washington State Health department will be playing a role in making it possible for his 2 sisters and nephew to be placed in an...
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    Re: Turmoil in Kazakhstan

    I was always wondering when the house of illuminatis would fall. I guess we are seeing something here. I am not into US-Russia debate, I will keep my mouth shut about that, appreciated all the posts,...
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    Re: Home Schooling.

    Well, the thread seems to be retired, as usual I will try to bring life to it. :)
    My time of home schooling my eleven years old daughter has arrived, I won't go into much details why I decided to...
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    Well done John, great compilation of excellent information, many thanks!!!
  15. Re: Breaking it gently: how do I inform the uninformed about what is really happening?

    I recently had a Skype conversation with a colleague, a very bright, skillful, observant engineer whom I frequently consult for advice. He is also an excellent conversationalist and a talented...
  16. Re: A World Pushing Back Against CV19 Lockdown: The Protests, The Revolts, The Non-Compliance

    Non-compliance, ¡arriba muchacho!

    Article about Mexico freedom cells.
  17. Re: Breaking it gently: how do I inform the uninformed about what is really happening?

    Hi Lily, unfortunately it started even before the poison became available, when I read in October 2019 were a military meeting/simulation I didn't connected the dots, then in December of 2019 about...
  18. Re: Breaking it gently: how do I inform the uninformed about what is really happening?

    burst their bubbles, you are doing the correct thing.

    How would you feel knowing that almost everyone around knew about about something that you didn't?
    I would feel a bit confused what I was...
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    Re: Covid-19 Vaccine Ingredients

    This also seems to be programming you to expect at least 5 injections. Of course, #5 will deplete and enter the red zone so there will be more after that but if they can subliminally get you to...
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    Re: Predictions for 2022

    The pig is very enigmatic figure, It could be something to do with Biden's stimulus injecting more and more money into the global push.
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