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  1. Re: Unique herbal recipes for Covid Variants, Vax Shedding, and the Vaccinated - plus a WEE story/rant included.

    MIKE: For Gingivitis, use Dental Floss Flat Tape, better than Round Tape and use it every night before brushing your teeth. EVERY NIGHT, especially after eating pungent things like onion and garlic...
  2. Re: Unique herbal recipes for Covid Variants, Vax Shedding, and the Vaccinated - plus a WEE story/rant included.

    MIKE: Gingivitis is easily solved by flossing your teeth at least once a day, especially if you have eaten meat or garlic or onions in your heavy meal. Another ingredient is NEVER GO TO BED WITHOUT...
  3. Re: Desperate plea for help by a targeted individual

    Depending upon your daily work and/or sleep setup, perhaps a good motorcycle helmet in which is placed the lead on top of which is placed some felt or other padding is one way to protect your head...
  4. Re: Desperate plea for help by a targeted individual

    I believe that these transmissions you hear in your head and the ones they hear from your head which are being transmitted cannot pass through LEAD. Find out where you can get thin, mouldable lead,...
  5. Re: White House - what's the apparent construction work?

    Just Think. The mentality of those sub-humans who could perpetrate the crimes on children, anyone under the public buildings in Washington. It is these kinds of people who are now pushing murder...
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    Re: Poisoning the Food Supply

    Essentially, they are giving us our own executed, rotted bodies to eat. They regard us worse than what they are doing to the poor animals (which also has to stop). If you let EVIL RULE YOU it will...
  7. Re: Planet Lockdown Documentary multiple languages.

    Gates, Fauci, Schwab, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, et al, need immediately to be deposed in the most permanent way possible, for it is clear they have no intention of letting the human race live. Lock...
  8. Re: There's Something Much Bigger Going On Here | Dr. Robert Malone 2022

  9. Re: Miraculous melting candle face image !! a must see!

    The material world is not material and there can be a Metaphysical answer, or there also can be a perfectly physical answer, that being that the image was sculpted of a treated material not...
  10. Re: All the recent MSM revelations and leaks ...where is everyone at?

    For those who feel totally confused by this fake vaccine/bioweapon, you look for signs of TRUTH or LIES from those who are making and pushing this worldwide event. The
    one glaring event for me was...
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    Re: Participate more? Or drop back ?

    Although I do have an account with a site similar to Facebook, I seldom have any use for it since I only communicate with family I have never met in person and some I have not seen since I was a...
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    Re: The Truth About Simon Parkes

    Unfortunately, there are too many lonely as well as mentally disturbed people out there and they are the ones who are severely injured by the myriad criminal scam artists on line who are the direct...
  13. Re: Elon Musk Finally Reveals Artificial Gravity Starship 2021

    A post about the secret space program mentioned that their craft already was capable of flying from Earth to Mars in a relatively short period of time. So, what is the game here, is it to try to...
  14. Re: Describing Every Single Extraterrestrial Species

    In view of the above information, I cannot understand why a certain person who claimed to be in contact with Blue Avians (a very nice color indeed) has been castigated by all and sundry saying that...
  15. Re: NASA Enlists 24 Theologians To Assess How The World Would React To Discovery of Alien Life

    Why is it that the most stuffy, politically constipated, know nothings, are chosen to decide what the rest of the world is allowed to know? Those on our planet considered to be wilderness tribes...
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    Re: A Christmas message...

    I agree that we need someone with a moral code for people and our planet. He will need those of his kind in the military and other platforms to back him up and help him. Those not sold out to the...
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    Re: No More Abductions

    An addition to Malisa's hypothesis may be that occupants may have to be designed to survive in specific planetary environments and when designed and developed they are transferred to those empty...
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    Re: No More Abductions

    In 2007, I was very occupied with caring for an ill parent. We had gone to the Caribbean from Florida. Even so, I would have been very aware of the sun, which seemed to be much the same as when I...
  19. Hardcopy Proof of Chinese/Fauci Wuhan Creation of Weaponized Virus:

    Hardcopy Proof of Chinese/Fauci/Wuhan Creation of Weaponized Vaccine:

    In Barbados, at a public meeting attended by the Prime Minister and other officials, Mr. F. Corbin (who stated his scientific...
  20. Re: Liberal or Conservative, what is their meaning today ?

    Time for a Laugh. My Category is: What the hell is going on? Don't step on my toes and I won't crush yours.
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