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    Re: A United Earth

    I have been in direct contact with who I believe is God and when I asked God what is the way that leads to this place we all desire and know is our true home, God replied in this way: "Just love...
  2. Re: The Gnostic View of God and Enlightenment - Invitation to discuss/debate

    Truthster013, I think your line of thought is interesting, I will try to open it up further.

    Imagine that truth is infinite in every way, so there are no limitations attached to its being. As...
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    Re: Synchronicity

    Unconditional love in the making and through the synchronicity you can become aware of it. Your love and truth has been received.

    At the deepest level of yourself there is a flow of information...
  4. Thread: Perspectives

    by WhiteLove


    As some of you might know, I have shared some ideas about creation being an infinite miracle, a theory I formed after having experienced something extraordinary. In this post I am sharing some...
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    Disclosure: Direction to take

    I want to bring some attention to the disclosure topic.

    We are on a soul journey. I am an experiencer who have some perspectives and experiences of alternative realities. I have gained insight...
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    Infinite realities

    It appears to me it is possible there are many realities at many levels, if the reality is finite it implies a boundary, which in turn means there must be something beyond that boundary, so either...
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    The infinite realms hypothesis

    In this post I am sharing some thoughts on what one day could become a realization - is nature an infinite scale of frequencies, each a distinct realm that we as a spirit attach to?

    My hypothesis...
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    Re: Heart Issues: Experience, Advice and Insights

    Meat is OK, even healthy in my opinion, but in the right context and amount. As soon as the context (diet) and amount is wrong, the fat and sugar in that steak will find its way to long term storage....
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    Re: Heart Issues: Experience, Advice and Insights

    This is not my area of expertise, so take it for what it is worth. What to me appears to be the case is that the food, the drinks that are sold or served and the amount of it at restaurants...
  10. We have much to learn from other races out there

    As humans living on earth at this time, there is a collective max, average and min level of the collective's subjective limitations. As human beings we can envision and imagine things up to a...
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    Re: About That... Republic:

    There are three types of seeds:

    +) Seeds of love truth peace shelter freedom
    -) Seeds of hate lie war fear slavery
    0) All other seeds

    Human beings have over centuries faced the fruits and...
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    Re: Stephen Bassett | Undisclosed | Part 1-3

    This is an epic presentation of the situation by Stephen Bassett. Very well done, this was a brilliant summary of the situation. Stephen is really skilled at this stuff.

    The issue that presidents...
  13. Re: Past Lives: The Basics (and, Regression do's and don'ts)

    Very interesting observations Bill.

    On a side note. My perspective is that there are connections between the future and the past where somehow future choices you made impacts the now. Absolute...
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    A) A creation with a boundary implies it is infinite, because there must be something both inside and outside of the boundary.

    B) A creation without a boundary implies it is infinite.

  15. Bruce Lee: "Be transparently real and have the courage to be what you are"

    Yesterday a very interesting article was published on Waking Times where the reader got very rare insights about some of Bruce Lee's absolutely most personal thoughts on personal awakening.

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    Re: We are all one, and reality is an illusion

    Did you watch the video?

    re: "reality is an illusion" -- of course this statement is as individual to the reader as the definition of terms of "reality" and "illusion" is to the reader. Its all...
  17. NDE: "Of course, how could I forget something that important"

    This is an NDE that in several ways reminds me of the experience I had. The effortlessness of moving around, the difference in light and light source, the green fields, the communication through...
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    Re: We are all one, and reality is an illusion

    Currently I am not in the "reality is an illusion" camp. I think our universe might be a number of different things and that it is one of those things - which also is the absolute truth about that at...
  19. Re: Tom DeLonge, TTSA and 'Sekret Machines': Is Disclosure Going Mainstream?

    I think this is a very interesting video where Tom DeLonge answers some of the questions regarding some of the aims of the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science.
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    Re: Has the wave begun?

    Please note that what we are now discussing is something so incredibly vast that it's not going to just happen over night and eventhough some progress is made, that's not necessarily stuff that is...
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