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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    This is Jacob Dreizen, who some readers may better associate with his recent Ukraine reporting. Some may not appreciate his brazen and rather arrogant style, but it cant be denied he's very bright...
  2. Re: Anne Heche trying to crawl out of her body bag?

    My contact has now retracted that.

    Here's an Infowars article, with a lot of detail in it:
  3. Re: Bill, you OK? Mountaineers die in Ecuador

    Yes, interesting. Nothing in Ecuador is "off-limits" (as best I know!), but it might well be a local regulation that an experienced guide is mandatory or strongly recommended. (With this group,...
  4. Re: Bill, you OK? Mountaineers die in Ecuador

    A little more. This is very local news, tiny on the big global stage, but of course it captured my interest. :flower:

    I'm just adding it in here because (a) I do know a little about this kind of...
  5. Re: MMS - tasteless and odourless. the new CDS (chlorine dioxide solution)

    That suggests it was undiluted. (Or maybe not even activated?)

    When activated and well-diluted (as it should always be!) then it can sometimes work miracles. (And I do use that word knowing what...
  6. Re: Bill, you OK? Mountaineers die in Ecuador

    Yes, all fine here, thanks. :heart:

    My personal comment: it's not immediately obvious why or how this happened, or could have happened. 15 climbers shouldn't all fall anywhere, or into anything,...
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    Re: Upper back tooth and gum problem

    I do second that. I had a root canal problem over 20 years ago, and consulted my dentist, a remarkably aware woman.

    She lent me a book of hers to read overnight — what dentist ever does that?! —...
  8. Re: Anne Heche trying to crawl out of her body bag?

    I've been informed by a regular Avalon guest, an extremely reliable person, that the video was edited and is a tasteless fake. (I can readily believe it.) I've asked for a reference.
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    Re: Tulsi Gabbard

    This came up on my YouTube recommendations. It was new to me, and as best I can see it's not been posted on the forum.

    It's from Nov 2019, but it still applies now. If I was a US citizen, I'd...
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    Re: FBI agents raid Trump's Florida home

    Alexander Mercouris' take, also referencing Charles I of England and the Ancient Greeks in Athens (who are well worth referencing, since they invented democracy :) ). Well worth listening to, as...
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    Re: Fusion "Breakthrough" ?

    I fixed the link. Here it is: :thumbsup:
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    Re: Do you cook with teflon/what do you use?

    Stainless steel, cast iron or oven-proof glass... nothing else. :thumbsup:
  13. Re: The planned takedown of America: now in full swing.

    Jim, you're more than welcome to start one. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    (Then the mods can move or copy any posts that may best belong there)
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    Re: Strange/stupid ways to hurt oneself


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    Re: Is CIVIL WAR in America coming?

    This does increasingly seem to be a question worth asking.

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    Re: FBI agents raid Trump's Florida home

    A clear and powerful statement from Lindsey Halligan, Trump's attorney, published a couple of hours ago.
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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    Dear O Donna, I appreciate your thoughts and wisdom on this thread. :flower:

    Maybe you can come up with a few inspiring graphics to help us all meditate on Eyes Wide Open. :)

    My own stance on...
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    Re: FBI agents raid Trump's Florida home

    Dave Paulides. He's a former police officer, and knows all about search warrants.

    He's very very empassioned, and I don't think I've ever seen him this emphatic.

    The Search Warrant at...
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    Re: Some are "Woke", but others are Truly Aware

    This definitely belongs on this thread. It's VERY good. (And also very funny, but that barely needs saying)

    John Cleese's War on Wokeism
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    I'd suggest the Grandfather Paradox solution (at 05:13 in the video) is a little spurious. The real solution is far easier: (but can still kind of be related to the Möbius Strip)

    If you go back in...
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