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    Control through our DNA

    This Is What The DNA Swab Collection Swabs And 5G Is For!!

    Very interesting video about how our thoughts, emotions and perceptions will soon be controlled by a super computer.

    Once they have a...
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    Re: Your thoughts on Dr Steven Greer

    For me he started off ok with his earlier disclosure stuff, then he changed. To me he repeats a lot of stuff and offers few new insights. But he can spend an hour fluently telling you nothing, in my...
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    Cross the UK Government / security forces at your own peril - they are monsters with little or no respect for anyone that might expose their corruption, lies and deception. Even if you are 100%...
  4. Re: They've been spraying terribly... I got physically ill

    Yep, they've been heavily laying this **** down in UK. Exposed skin causes mild itching and eye soreness.

    I questioned the UK government about geo-engineering a number of years ago where they...
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    Here's my prayer I say each day for what it is worth.

    Demons do not like being attacked this way and sometimes they may mess you around but they will be defeated. Regardless of your views on God...
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    I think perhaps a Global prayer / excorcism to cast out and rebuke the will of satan and his spritually wicked servants in high places known as the deep state destroyers - might help.

    I have...
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    Yes, our worst fears are happening in slow motion towards tyranny and the centralisation of power, starting with health control by the WHO and central bank digital currencies that could well...
  8. Re: "The Water": Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL origins of covid, mRNA vaccines and treatments

    The virus and vaccine is an elaborate concoction of evil technology that may not be an entirely human creation. Snake venon makes sense because the non human contribution could be from the the...
  9. Re: Where does one go after death? The Buddhist view from GDD-777, Master Sheng-Yen

    Thereís a certain logic behind these ideas which makes sense and does no harm.

    However, I think it goes a lot deeper and we must consider the energetic effects of karmic debts of our ancestors as...
  10. Re: FDA puts strict limits on Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine

    Limiting the use of these killshots is too late.

    The world is now facing a catostrophic biological health crises which Governments knew over a year ago yet they carried on and on. They all...
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    Re: Sacred geometry and DNA

    Interesting, reminds me of the never ending staircase optical illusion
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    Re: Describe "Freedom" in no more than 3 sentences

    Free to do what I want, when I want and how I want. However there has to be some ground rules broadlly like the 10 commandments.

    The elites have a certain freedom that money can buy, but, when...
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    Re: Diabolism and Plandemic

    I'm sure the hidden knowledge of the British Royals and Vatican archives would shed a lot of light on our true history.

    Nevertheless the Elites do indeed engage in occult rituals and sacrifices...
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    Re: Diabolism and Plandemic

    As I understand the fallen angels - Anunnaki/Enki/Enli/Satan/lucifer and so on. In the book of genesis they were known as star gods (Feathered serpents & amphibious creatures) who raped earth women...
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    Re: The Stock Market.

    If and when a crash comes it does provide unique opportunities. Predicting and waiting for a stock market crash is a mugs game and will happen sudden and quick and will likely follow typical price...
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    Re: Plans in advance for justice...

    The Deep State destroyers belive they are nearing their end game on or before 2030. If the mass mind wakes up to the fact we are dealing with pschopathic goat heads with little red horns we would all...
  17. Re: Extreme Covid Measures in China... Horrifyingly Real

    Disturbing and difficult to watch it all - No doubt the satanic elite destroyers are proud of their works of evil. We are the only ones that can stop this - but how many will try
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    I think a major issue for humanity is that human emotion is very delicate and sensitive to negative energy - it only takes one tiny drop of poison and it kills the whole pond, so it has to be drained...
  19. Thread: Believe it...

    by yelik

    Re: Believe it...

    Absolutely - but I think we need to understand the real enemy and evil we face

    I made a thread about reversing this evil a while ago.

    We are in a spiritual war against principalities, against...
  20. Re: Ukraine... the real homeland of today's Jews.

    I agree we are up against Satan and his legions of demons and followers that are masters of chaos, confusion an destruction and nothing is what it seems

    I would say what is going on is all about...
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