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  1. Re: There may be three different kinds of people on Planet Earth

    Great thread Bill... The depth to which you ponder humanity sometimes both astonishes me, and thrills me..

    I believe that there are many more "Types" of people here, but the 3 dominent that you...
  2. Re: Strange text message after psychotic break. Any insights?

    I am of the mindset that many that have had "contacts" experience something that resembles what the doctors would call a psychotic break.. I looked up the phrase and indeed it suggests people see...
  3. Re: THE TEMPLARS IN SOUTH AMERICA from the 12th century

    There are so many relics in America, and stories carried through generations of natives that suggest there was much more happening upon the land I call home, long before we ever thought it possible....
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    Re: My possible abduction experience

    I also am blonde haired and blue eyed, and I too, tend to have to hide my skin from sun damage. I have been wearing make up and lotions my entire life to keep myself from getting the typical sign of...
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    What baffles me is the sheer amount of dollars we are hearing being thrown around here. And a man who is asking his "Followers" for gifts for his wife's birthday as if he is destitute? That volume of...
  6. Re: Pay as you go * Breaking Free- is it possible?

    I live in California and they're making it illegal to do many things, like even the collection of rainwater, in many areas is banned.
  7. Re: Pay as you go * Breaking Free- is it possible?

    I don't think an overhaul will do it. The system cannot be changed from within the system. I think a "reset" is needed, but a very different reset to the one Klaus Schwab and friends have planned for...
  8. Pay as you go * Breaking Free- is it possible?

    We live in a society where we have to "Pay To Live..." Can we break free? What will it take?

    We are living in a society where we earn money, and then it is taxed. We then have to register any...
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    Re: Americans Are A Silly People

    Being American, I claim the "Silly" label proudly. Not in a political sense, but just in life in general. Really we humans need very little to thrive... Food, water, shelter, and interactions that...
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    Re: Clifford Stone has passed

    So many wonderful comments, all so very true.. A man who did much for many, without expectations. This is what a hero looks like... Rest in peace Clifford.. A great tribute to him..
  11. Re: Men, ejaculating is the single biggest handicap you can give yourself in the game of life

    giggle... Still chuckling that someone "Went there"... sorry, off topic....
  12. Re: Super Soldiers or Mind Control Techniques?

    I highly recommend these links that Bill has shared.. THANK YOU BILL!

    I had not seen the one for "Operation Mind Control" before..

    This information is a must read, must listen, to get a sense...
  13. Re: Super Soldiers or Mind Control Techniques?

    WOW Thank You Mad Scientist! I had not seen these before... And it is exactly what I was looking for.. More details as to how and what is possible. This is amazing..

    Surely there is so much more...
  14. Re: Super Soldiers or Mind Control Techniques?

    In reply to Patient...

    Exactly. This is exactly what I am suggesting. It would not take much to test the technologies on the public, one door open here, mud there. Things that anyone would easily...
  15. Re: Super Soldiers or Mind Control Techniques?

    I cannot speak for James Rink, but I do believe he means well, and that he does believe that indeed he was a super soldier.. How it came to him, and how he validated it, I do not know.. But I do know...
  16. Re: Super Soldiers or Mind Control Techniques?

    Thank You uzn,

    Yes, I noted it was probably green screen... I should remove it, but I chose not to for another reason...

    (I have removed it)

    What this shows is if someone already has a...
  17. Super Soldiers or Mind Control Techniques?

    This thread is to discuss Super Soldiers vs. V2K, and other technologies that can be used to mimic the effect of both "Memories" of combat, as well as receiving "messages" that are being suggested...
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    Re: What is Project Avalon to you?

    I came here not for a social experience, but I sure got one by joining!

    I found extended family here.

    The real reason I came here was because I had been poking around online, and found the...
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    Re: Did we really go to the Moon?

    I am sure many did hear calls, but Nixon wasn't using an amateur radio when speaking to the crew, he was supposedly using a hard line telephone... and there are plenty of youtube videos of the video...
  20. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Thank You Bill... I had not heard of Linda's interview. And I had not noticed that they were all called J Rods, with individual names. I do remember seeing a photo of Bill's "J Rod" in a jet, with...
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