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  1. Re: Finland experiments with financial freedom with its citizens

    The old question, if you won the lottery, would you still work?

    My answer, Are you crazy?

    I have enough to do at home to keep busy and satisfied.
  2. Re: College Student Earns 4.0 GPA, Then Drops Out: "You Are Being Scammed!"

    High school in the U.S. is also a giant waste of time after they dropped home economics, personal finance, and learning trades in favor of college prep courses. The majority will never go to college...
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    Re: Please Pray for My Grandmother!

    Prayers offered.
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    Re: Has anyone ever used sage for smudging?

    I use it most days along with cedar and sweet grass. Light it, put a little sacred tobacco in after smudging myself and say prayers. These are the four directions medicine.
    Sage is also good in a...
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    Re: Janet Reno dies

    Another child killer gone. Remember Waco....
  6. Re: Native American Legends Appropriated from European/Biblical Sources?

    Hi Dustin. I also don't feel that the Native Americans appropriated and adapted Christian beliefs to their own stories. Being from Wisconsin, I've studied some of the tribal stories here. For...
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    Re: Trey Gowdy ~ an amazing human being!

    Seems anyone who rises higher and higher in U.S. politics is a member of the "club". Look what happened to Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, and Bernie Sanders; all candidates who wanted to win nominations...
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    Re: Migraines linked to bacteria in mouth

    I have a friend who suffers with migraines sometimes for days. They're crippling. I sent her the link and the treatment recommendation. Thank you chancy and lucidity!
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    Yes. I agree that staying with family is the best for many of the elderly. However, we usually only admit advanced stage dementia or debilitated residents after the family has become worn down. There...
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    I've .worked in nursing homes in the U.S. for about 28 years. Now days there is a combination of very elderly residents who have managed to stay healthy all of their lives to younger rehabilitation...
  11. Re: G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Tony Blair together in Arkansas!

    Maybe a hand picked future "leader" graduating. Never too early to start guiding them on the road to hell.
  12. Re: Corporate Government vs. State Government

    All state governments are incorporated. All county governments are too. That's why counties employ a corporation counsel lawyer. Anytime a seal is written in capital letters, it is a corporation...
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    Re: Herpes Eraser by Dr. Christine Buehler

    I don't have any scientific backup but I used oregano oil on my lower spine and took olive leaf extract capsules for a course of two weeks. After almost monthly outbreaks, I was clear for three...
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    Re: Exit America

    The tenth amendment can and should be used when federal powers act unconstitutionally. Nullification of unconstitutional federal laws is the duty of the people. The tenth amendment was put into place...
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    Re: Should you pay for spiritual services?

    Yes, Truman you are correct. I guess I was thinking individual practioner. The Mide society is different. They do even base advancement within their ranks on payment sometimes.
    I should also mention...
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    Re: Should you pay for spiritual services?

    If going to a Native American for spiritual services or ceremony, if that person is really walking the Red Road, all that they will expect is a tobacco offering. By all means, donate money, food,...
  17. Re: 'Occupy Congress' Democrats hold Congress 'sit-in' protest to force gun control vote

    Their aides must be doing their telemarketing for them this week.
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    Re: ...And the Wolf Shall Dwell With The Lamb?

    Under the theory of astrotheology, animals in the bible refer to constellations/planets and are used figuratively for the twelve tribes of Israel. Judah was the lion, born when the constellation Leo...
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    Re: The Big Squeeze:

    The squeeze is not just happening with retail goods. I was listening to a show on NPR yesterday. They were discussing unaffordable rents in cities with tech industries such as Seattle and Austin....
  20. Re: 5 dead 2 critically injured in school shooting in northern Saskatchewan, Canada

    My prayers are being offered up for the people of La Loche.
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