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    Re: "Crop"-Circles of a New Kind?

    We know animals are sensitive to subtle energies that we do not perceive very well usually.

    Could there be residual energy left over from a crop circle, we may not see this behaviour usually as...
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    Re: Masks with Morgellons synthetic worms on them

    I am in Toronto and just DONE with the lock downs so I am going to go to Florida for a while. If I fly I need a PCR test results but I also found out I can use a blood test.

    Upon my return their...
  3. Re: Hilary Clinton scheduled for a military court appearance - Any truth in this?

    I was thinking along the same lines and it occurred to me her body is irrelevant, it is whatever demon archon that possessed her that needs to be dealt with.
  4. Re: Egypt's Royal Pharos Golden Parade LIVE April 2021

    The fact that this was produced as an extravagant spectacle suggests to me something MUCH more is going on.

    That would distract from other hidden goals being realized that night.
    Usually the...
  5. Re: Egypt's Royal Pharos Golden Parade LIVE April 2021

    Live From Cairo ( In English) April 3rd 2021
    Video Links at bottom of post.

    Cairo — This weekend, Egypt is putting on a parade for its royalty. But the guests of honor in this procession have...
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    Re: Solutions for preppers

    Very informative.

    For those looking to DL a librariy of useful prepper info here is my old thread linking to 13GB of books.
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    I like that there are still dreamers out there making real what they imagine.
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    Re: Sounds of terrible things to come

    I have stopped listening to the radio in the car for a very simple reason.

    I can hear the injection of police and ambulance sirens very subtly into the broadcasts which can be anything from talk...
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    Re: Possible UK MALE Curfew after 18.00 hours ??

    Ideintify as a cat and then are therefore nocturnal and MUST be allowed out at night.

    I suppose men could wear niqjabs to please the Mysandrists.....

    The pedumlum it seems is swinging too...
  10. Re: Men, ejaculating is the single biggest handicap you can give yourself in the game of life

    I hear now in the UK there are medical attendants that visit elderly and disabled patients to "pleasure" them to orgasm with special tools. Apprently this is healthy.

    The "secret" ban of intimate...
  11. Re: What to do if you have had the experimental jab.

    As I understand what is at issue here is multifaceted. I will try to draw on different areas to produce a bit of a larger picture.

    The adjuvants like mercury, aluminum in standard "vaccines" can...
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    Re: Internet Censorship: So it began...

    Firefox is going to block Trump now.
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    Re: I donated today!

    I just learned that Mozilla firefox is going to cesner Trump.

    Seriously it is a search engine and should be totally neutral if they censure Trump what else are they up to?

    Very sophisticated...
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    I donated today!

    I log in daily and PA produces value. I am not rich, but $20 is not going to break the bank.
    Thank you Bill and all the volunteers!
  15. Re: Vaccine Message in Space Needle New Year's Light Show

    I just posted in another thread that if the Mrna does effect a change in our DNA then we are technically no longer human...I did not mention that some Biblical scholars thought that God flooded the...
  16. Re: Vaccination Feedback - from PA Members & their families .....

    I think we should pause for a moment and acknowledge that this is clearly not a "vaccine". This is a mRNA modification that causes the body to produce a COVID like substance that "should" prime the...
  17. Re: Is it just me? (Logging in/ confirming things twice now)

    Here in Canada to login to my Government of Canada accounts student loans, taxation etc I have to use a "trusted partner" IE my bank. I am often prompted for 2 factor authorization for email and...
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    Re: Patrick Wood's 2021 Technocracy News Forecast

    I always learn something from Catherine Austin Fitts and love her work on "following the money" for the secret space programs etc. but looking at this video I am bit concerned for her health and I...
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    Re: What happened to the WEBB report?

    he is on Patreon now youtube killed his channel ...again
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    Re: V (1983) Gone But Not Forgotten

    The 2009 version had some of the worst CGI I have ever seen but I did like that the actor from firefly Morena Baccarin was on it.
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