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  1. Re: HELP - Need some ideas from our intelligent members please.

    I don't think Moulton-Howe is working for the intelligence agencies, I do think she is being used (she is very eager) to spread false information like the fantastic secret space fleet crap and other...
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    Re: Strange Dreams

    Woke up some night, about 2-3 years ago I guess, I always dream in color and what People call lucid dreaming, always being careful with what is real and dreamfiction, but one early morning I woke up...
  3. Re: Reports from Southern Chile, 1945-1950.

    Part of my theory has been that our Elongated Cousins, flying the flat disc craft from our pre-flood setup, are still able to access sub-Terran " cities" , although I reject hollow Earth theory I do...
  4. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Bill, when are you coming over to Holland to do something in the order of a presentation? Not sure if you still do those though.
  5. Re: Nostradamus: Zombie Virus in Russia, July 2021?

    My own thoughts on that, off-topic somehow though, lol.

  6. Re: Nostradamus: Zombie Virus in Russia, July 2021?

    A little of the rails, but this is actually a very important chapter in our recent history, it defines the entire true meaning and the nature of the deception by false Gods.

    I can go on-board...
  7. Re: Nostradamus: Zombie Virus in Russia, July 2021?

    Michel de Nostradame was more than just a seer, he also came up with a simple solution for the plague as it seems. In this view of mind the last name becomes more interesting.

    He also used a...
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    Re: New Info about the Georgia Guidestones

    Never got the fuss. It's not for us. It is made with the back thought that when this Civ ends the newly arisen People will have a notion on how we perished. It's basically some advise for the new...
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    Re: Ugh, Family Does Not Understand

    The virus is very real, one can't fully convince Billions of People to take some experimental shot with bubbles of air to show for. It's real, but the numbers and all the crap surrounding everything,...
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    Re: Staying Alcohol Free

    Good for you Man, have been drink free now for almost 6 years (couple weeks). My Irish ancestors are probably not to impressed, hehehehe.
    In any case, was puking into a drain and realized that I was...
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    Re: Irish Eyes Are Smiling

  12. Re: Nostradamus: Zombie Virus in Russia, July 2021?

    Funny that you're the only one noticing. He predicted someone would have the key to his poems, the reason they are scrambled (he threw 'm up in the air is the delivery) is to ensure that the one...
  13. Re: There may be three different kinds of people on Planet Earth

    Apparently I am not the only one thinking along those lines.

    In my thought patterns it basically depends on soulless vs soullike.

    The way I see it is that the seeds have been planted always,...
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    Re: Atlantic Voyages by Europeans pre-1300

    Yes, but only if they already knew where they were headed. :)[/QUOTE]

    Exactly, Phoenicians apparently did it that way, there's also stories about Romans, Egyptians etc. Vikings were all over the...
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    Re: Atlantic Voyages by Europeans pre-1300

    Yes, getting on for halfway there. :thumbsup:[/QUOTE]

    Adjusted the directions a little.
  16. Re: THE TEMPLARS IN SOUTH AMERICA from the 12th century

    It might even be possible that the information obtained to ensure the voyages to the Americas were taken from the Phoenicians, maps they might have used or even maps which survived the Great Library...
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    Something to do with the Isotopes over there.

  18. Re: Caught! Fake "dead bodies" for future propaganda of covid deaths

    I see a staged setup. but absolutely no proof on who made this. It could be a setup made by anyone, for a movie, by anti vaccers, or by some Govt.

    Doesn't prove anything. Thanks for posting though.
  19. Thread: The Gym

    by Mad Scientist

    Re: The Gym

    That Guy on the phone is probably observing you observing him and he pretends to be on his phone so he can secretly make pictures of you when you are observing someone else, in the meantime he is...
  20. Re: Was there (is there!?) an ancient global energy grid?

    Yes, I am convinced there was one. The buildings still standing from that pre-flood era seem to support that thought. Ley lines included in that. The great Pyramid seems to be built on the largest...
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