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    Re: Ground Control to Captain Kirk

    I know this is a Shatner thread, but has anyone taken in the new 'Picard' season on Prime? I was very impressed with Patrick Stewart all over again, and Riker & Troi also appear - imaginative,...
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    Re: What's up with Trump?

    In my book no politician is worthy of much trust, for me Trump was always the lesser evil, not the ideal hero - out of what was being offered in America at the time, and certainly now I would rather...
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    Re: What If There Was No More Project Avalon

    $450 a month Bill? Wowsers, but you are fortunate having your own dwelling paid for, I try to send through a bit when I am 'flush' as we used to say!
    I have come to appreciate Avalon more and more...
  4. Re: Introducing Carolyn Morgan, new Avalon member and Medium extraordinaire

    This is the greatest gift of the Internet/World Wide Web, not enough of us understand and appreciate just what a valuable benefit it can be to share yourself with others. Too many people are...
  5. Re: Must watch!!! Funeral director John O'Looney blows the whistle on covid

    I have encountered other examples of funeral directors and morticians speaking about the 'Covid' event, they have all expressed the same outcomes-no increase in raw numbers, and this shift away from...
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    There is something magical about witnessing great talent that has endured for decades, I felt like this when I attended a John Fogerty concert at a Vineyard venue here in Perth in the hills, CCR were...
  7. Re: All politicians are lying to us. Not a single government tells the truth. See what a chief scientist from Pfizer has to say

    Yess this link works.
    BTW don't get vaccinated. it will not only destroy your immunesystem, but it will also alter your dna[/QUOTE]

    Another outstanding presentation by Michael Yeadon. He hits...
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    Re: You Are All The 1%

    Absolutely spot on Mike, you have a way with words, straight to the point, concise and potent - we are indeed incredibly fortunate, even compared with the lifestyle of my grandparents-admittedly I am...
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    Re: Covid-19 Vaccine Ingredients

    We see many examples of how these products, either collectively or in isolation contain ingredients which are flagged as being counter productive to health-certainly. But we also have highly...
  10. Re: Natural immunity - should I deliberately try to 'get covid'?

    There are some very dark ideas doing the rounds regarding this virus; we all know the imagination of people and their tendencies to amplify both the capacities of the pathogen, and the intentions of...
  11. Re: Upcoming Oracle Girl (Jaqueline Hobbs) Events

    There are many people who have not developed a sense of their placing in this world, who have been swept along with the latent authoritarianism of our society; we are presented to School and trained...
  12. Re: The PCR test & how are they testing strains?

    You have to wonder how people swallow this, variants of a virus they refuse to isolate and make available, the complete disappearance of Flu for over a year, how does that even happen?
    There is so...
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    Re: Extreme Covid measures in Australia

    I was going to post George's video - this is a breath of good air!
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    Re: Extreme Covid measures in Australia

    The use of 'tear gas' is way too casual and executed on seemingly without restraint; they are hiring bully-boy types ( male & female) deliberately, individuals who possess no critical thinking...
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    Re: Quantum mRNA vax Reversal

    I have no idea if this meditation, 'spell' or whatever you like to term it has any validity, but it is certainly positive, it has a nice feel to it-Bohm spoke of the implicit order, re: Quantum...
  16. Re: What to do if you have had the experimental jab

    I noticed that Brian May was producing videos where he strongly supports the official narratives, and supports the basic thinking behind SAGE's advice - this surprised me, and I wrote to him offering...
  17. Re: What to do if you have had the experimental jab

    With these products which have been labelled 'vaccines' to give them immense respectability and credibility among the people we are going to get a wide spread of responses, and it is inevitable that...
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    There are so many unanswered questions concerning the 9/11 event, the absence of aircraft parts is among the more concerning, will we ever know what truly took place?
    It definitely wasn't how the...
  19. Re: Back to normal in Europe and US: covid is nearly finished

    In terms of the 'vaccines' they will be long term 'kill shots', that is the point: Professor Cahill expressed it like this: 'Anyone who accepts these shots will be dead within 3 years, at the very...
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    Well, I don't know what you're listening to! The guest is a woman (not a man). She comes on at 18:02. The audio is normal and crystal clear. I was even thinking of speeding it up a little. :)[/QUOTE]...
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