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    Poll: Re: Has the Sun changed colour for you?

    Well it varies from day to day, week to week 0.o.
    But there are days where you can literally look at the Sun in mid day ? like it losses it's UV ? but don't try that please
  2. Re: Chaos in the Suez Canal (Ever Given container ship, March 2021)

    10 tankers carrying 13 million barrels of crude oil.

    Let us pray those and the like do not get structurally compromised in any way, either by accident or on purpose.
  3. Re: John Ratcliffe, former DNI, confirms UFO info

    Thanks boja, interesting info.

    Anyone interested in pushing such info (or any other alt news), who want's to help bring it to light, might like to follow it over to YouTube and give it a thumbs up...
  4. Re: Stephen Chua-New Supersoldier Testimony and imminent death thereafter

    Almost want to watch this vid just to see what Goode is trying to associate himself with now lol
    But I think I will pass, not wanting to give any ratings to him.
  5. Re: Is that a UFO in Perseverance's photo?

    Hmm Well not sure bout that DeDukshyn ?

    Now that panel ?
    How can something that has multiple attachments just fall off?
    Is it meant to be just discard able ?
  6. Re: Look Who's Coming to the Rescue! Bill Gates...

    Thanks ExomatrixTV
    Vid point 27:00 puts it all into the light, this is our officially led world.
    No sun from me here :(
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    Re: What is Project Avalon to you?

    WOW and thank you Mark/Rahkyt for this OP :sun:

    Project Avalon is the place to be, too unravel what the hell is going on in this mad world.
    The people and minds here are a breath of fresh air,...
  8. Re: Possible footage of German UFO (Haunebu)

    Just one thought: if a fake, why was the camera running?
    What was the camera person filming if not something rising up moving over and then down?
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    Re: Quakes on the heavy uptick

    Well just stay safe everyone, where every you are.
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill. ♡

    Hi Bill and gratz, I missed the date.

    Plain and simple: Have a great birthday and the rest of the year as good :sun:
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    Poll: Re: Crystal ball for 2021

    In the last post the vid 'Why haven't good ET'S Fully revealed themselves to the general public' well I could say why haven't people like us here in Avalon and such like sites spoken up and revealed...
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    Re: Are there artifacts on Mars?

    Hi roguemoon I hear you ;)

    If anyone want's to stop any serious research and or anyone trying to show real findings of past inhabitation on Mars, well you wash over it with a load of Quack Quack...
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    Re: Strange call mushroom hunting

    Cool and calm, makes me think the guy in the op's vid knows this sound.

    If it had been me: WTF, come on that's get out of here quick, quick (freaked out) o.O
    Impressive call
  14. Re: Emergency improvised heating and cooking

    Don't depend on gas bottles, in a rush they will all go.

    Rocket stoves can be home made and use the smallest of twigs to run.
  15. Re: Interview - Memory of water, coherent water etc.

    Oceans are memory, clear calm, they show us how to be.

    They take negative energy in their stride and refresh it.

    They know what and who they are and always fit into the environment as needed,...
  16. The modern day moving of the Abu Simbel temple.'Chariots of the Gods (1970)'

    For those who never watched this vid or even read the book, the great ground braking book 'Chariots of the Gods (1970)'


    vid point: 35:40 Abu Simbel Temples
  17. Thread: Fauci

    by Sunny-side-up

    Re: Fauci


    Hi onawah

    Yes some things do need regular BUMPING :frusty:
    Important info comes and goes like a raging torrent only to sink to the bottom of a slow eddy back water :(
  18. Re: I have learned to use the delete button!

    hey duggee, Woff.

    Sorry couldn't resist.
    It's a simple but great kids programme :)

    Back to topic: GRATZ on finding your DELIGHT BUTTON ;)

  19. Re: Hidden In Plain Sight And You Couldn't Get Any More Blatant!!

  20. Re: Hidden In Plain Sight And You Couldn't Get Any More Blatant!!

    Yes I remember at the time thinking WTF?

    Mad depraved Lunatics rule.

    vid point:1.43 applies to them.
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