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  1. The Marginalian, a heroic effort over 16 years to the human will, spirit and creativity

    I have been getting Maria Popova's great FREE newsletter THE MARGINALIAN for many years.
    I have marveled recently how it comes to my inbox constantly and how many times I have just deleted it...
  2. Re: The many side effects of the Covid 'vaccine'

    Interview with Dr David Martin/ millions will die /

  3. Re: Ron DeSantis: Torturer, War Criminal, Abuser of the U.S. Constitution

    This is disturbing to see for multiple reasons. The one presented, and (if not true), the one falsely being presented.

    so who do we have left folks? what bright young star is on deck and up next...
  4. Re: Music with a strong message for the times


    Love your first OP song. many others too. I have a song of my own Id like to post. I will make a vid and do so.

    IS there a thread with only Avalon members creativity? songs, art,...
  5. Re: High Ferritin Levels/ Iron/ Hemochromatosis - what to do?

    Thanks all

    Pam/ I have added triptophan and lumbrokinase supplements to my daily regime since the info you sent. i have cut back vit c since it increases iron.

    i take a pro biotic,...
  6. Re: High Ferritin Levels/ Iron/ Hemochromatosis - what to do?

    Reading this all now with little time so I will study later. I thank you Pam for sending all.

    i will not donate blood. I cant even do so as no one in my area will do it. Can you imagine? And I...
  7. Re: High Ferritin Levels/ Iron/ Hemochromatosis - what to do?

    Pam/ Dennis and all wise and caring friends. ask any question .

    I also take a pro biotic with a supplement Pro Butyrate 600 mg. supposed to help lower ferritin

    heres some blood history/ ...
  8. Re: High Ferritin Levels/ Iron/ Hemochromatosis - what to do?

    PAM THANKS MUCH / I will look over the most recent blood work and share.

    I have been told that donating blood would be good. yet it has become difficult and complicated, many rules and...
  9. Re: The G20 declaration about public health tyranny


    Thanks! didnt the USA, Biden and the WHO ( world health org / Tedros, sign on to the WHO allowing them to call all the health shots for the USA AND THE WORLD?

    If true ?, how can this...
  10. High Ferritin Levels/ Iron/ Hemochromatosis - what to do?

    Hey friends

    I have very high ferritin levels. I do not know if its genetic or not. Before I expand, does anyone have this condition and have dealt with any symptoms and remedies

    Im told I can...
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    Re: Aurum Essence

    ANU/ much of this is beyond my need and immediate understanding, but all very fascinating. however I have been using colloidal silver for over 40 years now to cure any number of problems, mainly...
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    Re: Purpose of our lives...

    east sun

    it is i imagine up to each of us to define our perfection. i could say in one sense, to be as a child would be.
    but I am not a child
    I have learned from nde people, to experience....
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    Re: Springy Parabolic Memory

    Bo, Love this. I watched 5 min

    will watch the rest tonight
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS ~ Continuously Updated

    Dave Too

    Yes PRESIDENT trump did fast track The Vaccine program. Wouldnt you if in his position, told by his health and science people this is deadly and must be stopped by taking action, being...
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    Re: Vaccination Injuries On Record for Covid19

    Sue Thats terrible. Its happening everywhere, and I cannot imagine how many we are not hearing about

    prayers for all concerned
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    Re: Covid-19 Vaccine Ingredients

    Thanks Bill. I have followed Delgado and his work for well over a year and this looks like a compilation of all his findings. Its quite alarming to see the reality of the contents of these jabs ,and...
  17. Re: Source of Genesis. Posting for new member Mukho

  18. Re: Source of Genesis. Posting for new member Mukho

    Bill and Mods i posted this to help Mukho without checking it out

    sorry please take it down if not fixable .
  19. Source of Genesis. Posting for new member Mukho

    Hello Doug.
    Entering the web after a long time.
    Meanwhile, I have published a ppt. On the Source and the Genesis
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    Re: Meme Your Memeiest Memes Thread

    it certainly is
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