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  1. Re: The videos of Joe from the Carolinas

    Indian Moon Probe- More Than Meets Your Eye ! In this video I dig into the latest status (as of yesterday, 9/20/19) of India's "Vikram" moon lander.

    You might remember it lost signal just as...
  2. Re: The videos of Joe from the Carolinas

    Does The Future Of Human Space Exploration Depend On The Military?

    This video explores the incestuous relationships between NASA, the DOD, private space companies, and the space force. I finally...
  3. Re: The videos of Joe from the Carolinas

    Yes, what a great thought line Michi! Space garbage is getting out of control up there. I wonder when we will have the technology to repurpose the materials so we can then 3D print new objects...
  4. Re: The videos of Joe from the Carolinas

    It astounds me that so many in the general public believe that this space force issue is a joke. Let alone the classified military and secret intelligence space programs.

    This video is my...
  5. Re: The videos of Joe from the Carolinas

    Hah!! Perhaps with the aid of a green screen and plenty of duct tape!!

  6. Re: The videos of Joe from the Carolinas

    I started realizing that much of the news about SpaceXís manned mission to Mars was about the technology, rather than the humans:

    Mars Missions MANNED: Will SpaceX Astronauts Survive?
  7. Re: The videos of Joe from the Carolinas

    Enjoy! It is interesting making videos on 4 hours of sleep :)

  8. Re: The videos of Joe from the Carolinas

    I have! :) I use venturi fittings on the rainwater system as it runs water through an oxygenation spiral, and cultivate my own EM-1 (beneficial microorganisms) along with sea minerals. The vegetable...
  9. Re: The videos of Joe from the Carolinas

    Very much needed, cheese is a good thing when it comes to battling the AI and following a passion. I'm happy that we have Avalon as an independent library - a vital presence in today's FutureShock...
  10. Re: The videos of Joe from the Carolinas

    This one dives into the legit army plans for moon weapons and a moon base... From the 1960's.

    Ya know, it is really strange how every time I post a video, I lose subscribers. Since I posted this...
  11. Re: The videos of Joe from the Carolinas

    Bill and all, thank you so very much for taking the time to start this thread, the amazing collage, and for feedback. I'm humbled :)

    Its been a journey to say the least. One that is still very...
  12. Re: Phil Schneider's FBI Encounter- Declassified 9-18-2018

    Iíve read your post. Thanks for your opinion and for sharing your experiences and truths. Iím no longer talking about people, including Phil Schneider.
  13. Re: YouTube filter no longer works for about you?

    Most of them probably donít know about it. This is a new, independent, algorithm based process that doesnít require complaints.

    YouTube has stopped recommending and automatically suggesting...
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    Re: The Skinwalker Ranch

    The Defense Intelligence Agency finally responded to my FOIA request for documents pertaining to their involvement with the Skinwalker Ranch. They returned with having no responsive documents.
  15. Re: What is the opposite of sociopathy?

    If the question is tweaked a little to, what is the pathological opposite to sociopathy, I would think unhealthy dependency.
  16. Re: A Very Interesting Contribution (the 'Post Disclosure World' YouTube channel)

    Ryanís a good guy. Iíve corresponded with him. Heís indicated he is not on the To The Stars Academy payroll, which has been a commonly misheld belief among some of his viewers.
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    Re: The Future of Internet Forums

    I'm quite curious to see what others will have to observe about the current health and membership of other forums out there. Personally, I enjoy the format of being able to pull up the forum on a...
  18. Re: Is it possible that one day we are going to wake up in the morning and there will be 10,000 UFOs in the skies?

    Personal opinion- I am thinking this is an extremely low probability event. Possible? Sure! Worldwide uncontrolled disclosure of physical UFOs? This would be a major foul-up in terms of the .gov...
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    Re: Quadriplegic needs advice.

    i've seen lion's mane (from fruiting bodies), horsetail, and inversion tables do wonders.
  20. Re: Something quite huge going down? (What did the envelopes at Bush's funeral signify?)

    In looking at the videos on the linked site, each are quite short snippets, with dramatic music and a lovely computer voice (aside from a 19 minute linked video that has someone pausing and talking...
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