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    Re: Cathy O'Brien: The Tranceformation of America

    In Chapter 5, she talks about some being with Cox in 1979 and then visiting Governor Clinton with Cox. Then, in 1980 has her daughter and is ordered by Byrd to move back to Nashville as Cox is too...
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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    I was gonna say, why would they surrender, seems the russians would imprison or execute the Nazi ish ukrainian soldiers. But, apparently getting their POW's back is better and taking control of the...
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    Hard to say how much Trump, Elon, etc. are using the knowledge that the awakening is becoming massive and thus taking that new possible route to rally support for power and gain. How much of it is...
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    to be honest, I'm at the point where I feel like this reality is just so unfathomably messed up and nonsensical.

    Its so ridiculous, seems like they are all just NPC's controlled by some AI...
  5. Re: Where does one go after death? The Buddhist view from GDD-777, Master Sheng-Yen

    u are welcome to pretend that cuz u arent a multidimensional being that nobody else is. From those levels one can see enough transitions to get the basic pattern of what happens in general to...
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    Re: Incarnation Agreement

    It is spiral/circular. So, even if you miss a needed experience or didn't learn from it, it comes back in a new form later. So, we arent stuck in a loop, but spiral of recurring scenarios until we...
  7. Re: The Sphere of Creation - My Physics & Metaphysics Creation Myth and Actuality

    I would like some feedback on others interpretations of what the following more fully means. Interesting but not very explicit or elaborate.

    Matias says the 3rd Dimension is the “fruit...
  8. Re: The Sphere of Creation - My Physics & Metaphysics Creation Myth and Actuality

    Here is an excellent article explaining the bigger picture via Mattias De Stefano's explanations. I still need to watch his "Initiation" show on Gaia. But, I'm a big fan of his. Seriously, some...
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    Re: Manufactured food shortages?

    wait a minute. What is mRNA vaxxine lettuce? We dont need jabs anymore? Just eat the lettuce to get vaxxinated? Or the lettuce is vaxxinated? lol

    How could there not be an outcry over...
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    Re: David Wynn Miller

    Lol. Hasn't this guy gone away yet or to the slammer using his own nonsense.

    Language is a part of what upholds Maya, the illusions. It can not be objective as it is often a 5th chakra...
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    Re: What is Time?

    I drew this somewhat makeshift sketch based off of Mattias De Stefanos description of the dimensions.


    It may interest some of you. I suppose if we were in 2D, we would only be able to...
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    Re: What is Time?

    'SWIM' introduced a friend to mushrooms. lol In her apartment, the full effect took hold. SWIM started to see the 'flicker' and she started freaking out a bit about how this wasn't her apartment. ...
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    Re: Astronomy - the science of the very big

    And just thinking about all the energy and incredible speed going on in the quantum to make it all happen. Just thinking of how much effort goes on in the nano world of powerful computers is wild. ...
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    Re: Astronomy - the science of the very big

    Or very high powers, like the source of creation itself, had some plan for earth and just materialized the moon since all is just holographic anyways. I also wonder where the archeological evidence...
  15. Re: Describe "Freedom" in no more than 3 sentences

    "Do no harm" could be argued to be the golden rule or a golden rule. So, it is probably best if we stop freely killing animals with complex nervous systems.

    But outside the issue of food. ...
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    Re: The Stock Market.

    Hard assets are one of my top priorities since I am no market expert. Assets that dont depreciate quickly. Metals, Land, house/condo, storable food, etc. Small goods like toothbrushes, soap, on...
  17. Re: Sadhguru's experiences with otherwordly life

    You honestly believe that hinduism is demonic? What makes you believe that? You sound like my late Pentecostal grandpa, Mike![/QUOTE]

    Clearly, there is a huge difference between a mind controlled...
  18. Re: Sadhguru's experiences with otherwordly life

    Yea, I suppose we do have to be super critical to make sure them damm Interdimensional demons/jerks or whatever arent influencing everything.

    Sadhguru even comments about how people (I blame the...
  19. Re: Sadhguru's experiences with otherwordly life

    Good points.

    And he's also incredibly wealthy. Absurdly, preposterously, obnoxiously wealthy.

    I think our true gurus should live comfortably and I have nothing against that. I support it. ...
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    Re: Internet Censorship: So it began...

    Also. if Twitter board refuses to Elon buying it out....its gonna be awesome if he builds a new platform and runs twitter, FB and every other censorship biased social media company into the ground. ...
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