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  1. Re: Thinking the Unthinkable: a WHAT IF scenario, should there be major sea level changes coming soon

    We will see some islands sink, along with some coastal flooding in Europe and America... it's too late to stop the reaping , we have sown it , yin/yang...
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    Re: Is CIVIL WAR in America coming?

    There is a prediction, America will have two civil wars, the second shortly after the first and the country will be divided into five sectors and religious sectarians will play a dictatorial role... ...
  3. Re: What was the biggest news story for you in 2018?

    the remains of our soldiers given back from North Korea...
  4. Re: What's in store for 2019? Serious forecasts and predictions, please.

    seaquakes, volcanism , and mega quakes will increase like never before , nature will fight back for what has been done to her by humanity...
  5. Re: Stan Lee, Marvel Comics' Real-Life Superhero, Dies at 95

    I would spend a portion of my cub scout allowance every Tuesday to get one of his creations , RIP see you on the other side ...
  6. Re: Our great friend Bob Dean has passed: 11 October, 2018

    Mr Dean was the first person that started me down the rabbit hole, there's no replacing him ... feeling lost ...
  7. Re: The Calm Before the Storm... or is the Storm now here?

    I bet you said the same thing last year!!!!![/QUOTE]

    I believe the day was October 6th, they say every 1,000 years the world is the same age, anyone who had a birthday on the seventh left the...
  8. Re: The Calm Before the Storm... or is the Storm now here?

    Something is afoot, check this , take your current age, take the year you were born and add the two equals 2018... They say once every 1,000 years we all have the same cosmic age( if you want to call...
  9. Re: 'Presidential Alert' (on the Wireless Emergency Alert system nationwide in the US)

    I got the alert while having a conversation on my cell , it interrupted with presidential alert test ...
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    Re: Kavanaugh Hearings a National Disgrace

    The scary thing is people are too easily worked up into a frenzy (me included ) ... step away sometimes , ask yourself , why am i feeling this way , regroup and refuse to allow your inner core to...
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    Re: Kavanaugh Hearings a National Disgrace

    The prophecies of Enoch foretell after 2020 America will no longer be a super power
    but will have two civil wars the second shortly after the first , and it cannot be helped that the country will...
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    Re: What would happen...

    The younger crowd could prefer video and us older mizers ( made up term meant to be funny) could prefer reading over videos ... I personally like to read first, satisfy curiosity later with video...
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    Re: The Yellowstone Seismic Activity Thread

    It is predicted the great Caldara will erupt and destroy 2/3 of America.
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    Re: When will 'ascension' happen?

    I believe its up to the individual human being to evolve, learn, educate, and grow spiritually... This ascension talk is phantasmagoria... The spirit form of a human being will evolve to a higher...
  15. Re: Very Creepy Talk About A.I. with Elon Musk on Joe Rogan Show!

    If not handled with caution, A.I. Could cause huge problems for humanity, problems that will linger for generations ... the prophecies speak of robotic killing machines unleashed on humanity that...
  16. Re: Emirates Airplane with 100 reporting illness lands at JFK

    Ten days from now will tell them tale ... On September 15th I suggest watching for chatter about mases of people getting mysteriously I'll or an increase/influx of people to emergency rooms...
  17. Re: Dinosaurs - Anyone Know A 'Valid' Reason For Their Extinction?

    A destroyer comet , changed the hours of the earth day and it's rotation , passing by earth every 575.5 years ... Depending upon earth's position the destroyer hurled seabeds out of their normal...
  18. Re: The New Mexico Compound - What's it all about ?

    if another mass shooting happens at a school near that area , heads should roll ...
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    Re: Social Engineering

    giant skeletons found all over the globe , once science gets them , they disappear and or get lost ... How did ancient cultures build such massive structures with giant slabs of stones weighing tons...
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    Re: Netflix film: 'Extinction'

    I have heard 52 million people on earth are not originally from earth , supposedly they/we came from Malona a destroyed planet which now circles as the asteroid belt ... We migrated to Mars , then...
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