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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    This could turn out to be the ultimate 'Great Reset' - just imagine the reduction of the global population to perhaps a couple of billion, the elite factions would have to remain in their bunkers for...
  2. Thread: The Idiot

    by Mike Gorman

    Re: The Idiot

    I recall the novel (The Idiot) being in a personal library of an old friend of mine, he is one of those kinds of people who makes a big show of having read the 'Classics' and to place them in a...
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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    There are some VERY involved analysis on this confrontation from several posters who seem to believe they have the only possible explanation, YES I am aware that Russia is not overtly offering...
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    Re: WW3? Ukraine/US vs. Donbass/Russia

    My intuition is telling me that Biden/Harris have absolutely no involvement with this latest War Hawk stance from the USA, they are of course mere front line managers of the powerful, pernicious...
  5. Re: Footage Showing US Soldiers Talking About Various Alien Beings

    It all looks very plausible, the constant swearing is authentic (!) From everything that is being revealed from the military quarter we know engagement with ET people is certain
  6. Re: Ancient Artifacts That Are Still Shrouded in Controversy Today

    What a wonderful man Erich Von Daniken truly is, his entire adult life has been dedicated to revealing the truth, to providing information for you and I; I remember reading his seminal work 'Chariots...
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    Re: The end is nigh... for the Cabal

    How credible to the averagely intelligent citizen is this 'Nocebo' effect? It is so obviously a desperate attempt to conceal grave injury and death - what are people willing themselves to drop stone...
  8. Re: Was the 15 Jan 2022 Hunga Tonga Volcano Eruption Artificially Engineered?

    This British chap, Keith remember Kerry doing an interview with him post-Bill's involvement with Proj Camelot, I just cannot see how Arc distances are going to assist you with nuclear explosions, it...
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    Re: Poisoning the Food Supply

    I am reminded of the 'Grey Goo' - a nano pollution idea, another aspect of modern life under the technocrats we can look forward to, I am kind of glad I don't have much longer to serve on the prison...
  10. Re: There's Something Much Bigger Going On Here | Dr. Robert Malone 2022

    There are some deeply cynical, and hard line activists and operatives in the alternative information movement groups who dislike Dr Malone, I notice they call him a major shill and 'controlled...
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    Re: How many dimensions are there?

    As Arthur Young says: People speak about escaping to the 5th dimension, or something like this and the point is, we don't want more dimensions because dimensions are degrees of constraint, dimensions...
  12. Re: PRIMER (2004): the best (and most complex) time travel movie ever made

    Space-Time, the 4th dimension within which we all extend outwards on the curvature of reality - since we have the ability to manipulate the other dimensions, it makes a kind of sense that will shall...
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    Re: Everbody Wants To Go To War...

    The guy playing that Glockenspiel type instrument is spot on, what a lovely laid back presentation
  14. Re: The Sphere of Creation - My Physics & Metaphysics Creation Myth and Actuality

    I am always delighted when I have an opportunity to promote the work of Arthur M Young, because I think his work traversed the very foundations of cosmology, it was he who proposed the Toroidal form...
  15. Re: Clif High's videos: now (2021-22) in the years of Woo


    Ben Davidson seems to suffer from being underestimated and even blatantly ignored by many in the 'alternative information' space, Ben has a strong 'Honey Badger' streak and can be...
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    Re: Forced or mandatory vaccination

    Corporate morality is such a disgusting minefield of hypocrisy and blatant grandstanding; they leaped at the opportunity to demand employees comply with Vax mandates, they are misinformed and...
  17. Re: Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Robert Malone | December 2021

    Ernie Nemeth try the Odyssey link, this will work for you even if you do not have an account with them, this interview is very good indeed Dr Malone gives us a detailed biography and his academic...
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    Re: The Truth About Simon Parkes

    Perhaps loneliness and trauma can make good people vulnerable to abusive predators, there are some insidious psychopathic types out there who can be fiendishly clever in the way they attract people...
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    Re: Vaccine Crimes

    No doubt this declaration from the medical scientist who developed the mRNA technique has been already posted, however I think we need to share this far and wide and repeat the message.
    Dr Malone...
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    Earth 12,000 Year Disaster Cycle

    This is Ben's latest summary video, worthy of your time IMHO

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